Ok guys!! Help me plan a kids Easter party!! Games, food, decorations etc!!

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MessyMummy15 Fri 08-Mar-19 19:08:50

Just as the title suggests I'm planning an Easter party for my sons birthday which falls on Easter weekend.

Will be for about 20 kids between 2 and 12
It's at a rented hall which has an outside area so have planned an Easter egg hunt for near the end but need Easter inspired ideas for the food, games, decorations and all other aspects!!

Get your creative caps on guysss!! Let's make this party egg-stravagant! 😉😉

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BrieAndChilli Fri 08-Mar-19 19:16:19

I did an Easter party a few years ago.

I had a giant plastic egg which I filled with sweets and did guess the number
I did an Easter hunt with clues. Depending on the amount of kids you can either - get them to collect empty plastic eggs which they all pile up together, have clues which lead them to the end, have them just go and find various choc eggs etc etc
I made Easter shaped biscuits for people to decorate
I bought little easter craft sets
We had some sports day type races
You could do an Easter bonnet parade,
Some carnival type games like hook a duck, coconut shy but with big Easter eggs, I also bought an inflatable game with rabbit ears and rings that you had to catch with the ears on your head.
I also bought a pin the tail on he bunny which had fluffy pompon tails to stick on

Food you could do egg shaped sandwiches with an oval cutter
Rice crispie chocolate nest cakes are a must!!
Mini carrots stuck in little pots of houmous
One of the supermarkets - asda I think does bunny shaped crisps

sleepismysuperpower1 Fri 08-Mar-19 19:16:45

pin the tail on the bunny
sack race (kids size sacks here you will need to get some adult ones for the 12 year olds)
egg and spoon races

for food, i would do sandwiches, crisps etc (normal party food) with some cupcakes (you can put mini eggs on top of these for an easter theme)

all the best x

BrieAndChilli Fri 08-Mar-19 19:17:04

I bought loads of stuff from craftylittlybugs or something like that, they had loads of Easter stuff.

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