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need an original idea for a christening present??

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AnAngelWithin Thu 05-Jul-07 14:32:09

i am going to be my friends little boys godmother, he is 16 months old, am i am totally stuck on what to get him. at the end of the day, theres only so many silver egg cups, first tooth holders etc that someone can need!! i wanted to get something a bit more original. i was thinking about premium bonds but only the family can buy them. budget is about £30. please help?? ive got until a week on sunday!!

NoNickname Thu 05-Jul-07 14:33:11

Children's Bond - £25 each.

flipflopper Fri 06-Jul-07 10:45:35

What about something you can use, like a bowl/cup you can get lovely decorated ones or ones with their name on both of mine had these and we are still using them.
My ds got a babys knife/fork/spoon with his name on and we are still using those too.

Thats what i would prefer to get, something that you will acutally use, not something that will go dusty in a cupboard! Premiu bonds are a good idea too though

MrsBadger Fri 06-Jul-07 10:50:42

get nicely bound, beautifully illustrated versions of one or more of the classics you enjoyed eg the Just So Stories, Alice, Brothers Grimm, Pooh etc

Or as you're actually the godmother you get first dibs on buying them a bible if you want to (though get a good translation eg Good News or NIV with pictures that they will use, not a naff white leather one)

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