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Old fashioned party games

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VoluptuaGoodshag Thu 05-Jul-07 13:00:53

My DD will be 4 in a couple of months time. I'm refusing to go down the party for the multitude yet as she is just too young and there seems to be one like that every other weekend in a hall or a soft play area. So I'm proposing that she invites a few friends to the house and we attempt a good old fashioned party. I can remember the following games:

pass the parcel
blind man's buff
pin tail on donkey
musical chairs

Anything else? Or any other tips. What sort of parties do you remember going to?

ThomCat Thu 05-Jul-07 14:57:13

We did pass the parcel / pin the nose on the clown, a couple of piantas / and statues.

You could also do a dancing comp / musical bumps???

I had a friend do face painting as kids arrived to keep them bust / quiet. Then did games, then food - healthy but with ind cup cakes and strawberries and icecream and then pinatas and then freetime till the parents came.

Good luck!

sassy Thu 05-Jul-07 15:03:50

If you have the space 4yo love 'whats the time mister wolf'
treasure hunt
cookie decorating goes down well

maisemor Thu 05-Jul-07 15:43:17

I remember the game where you each hold your hands behind your back, then you get a piece of those red string sweeties put in your mouth and you see who can finish eating it first.

Treasur hunt.

egg/spoon race.

One person goes outside, the other hides an object somewhere, and then the person outside comes in again and has to find the object. Whenever he/she moves away from the object all the other children have to shiver as if they are really cold, if he/she is getting closer then the other children have to act as if they are hot, the closer the hotter, the further away the colder the children gets. If you see what I mean.

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