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Help!!!! Country dancing

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HappyMillicent Thu 05-Jul-07 09:39:07

I've been asked to sort out country dancing for shcool, as in "right right right, left left left, both both both, knees knees knees" etc, confident that I would find help on the internet!

Have found some moves etc, but no idea of what music (need a CD rather than a live fiddle player etc!), can anyone point me in the direction of an appropriate CD, or even better something with a caller already on it? Or an instructional DVD!!!!

All I can find is Country dancing as in country and western, or scottish dancing! I want traditional English promenading, possibly wearing gingham neckerchiefs! HELP!!!! XXXXXXXXXXX

stealthsquiggle Thu 05-Jul-07 09:39:57

search for barn dancing - I think this is what you mean!

HappyMillicent Thu 05-Jul-07 10:08:38

Argh, thanks SS!!

Can't seem to find anything particular on it... perhaps it's just not cool nowadays!!

Off I go to the library to compare CDs of jigs!!!

stealthsquiggle Thu 05-Jul-07 14:13:12

try amazon?

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