Bell Tent Sleepover Parties for £99.00?

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Laulou7 Mon 04-Feb-19 16:00:16

Good afternoon all,

I wanted to ask a couple of questions regarding a sleepover themed party business.

I am looking to set up a beautiful bell tent (sleeps six) for £99.00 the below is included:

Full Tent Set up
Three (proper!) double beds & cosy themed bedding
Bunting / flowers / plants
Rugs and cushions
Side tables
Lighting (nightlights and fairy lights)
Outdoor floor tables & seating (perfect for adults who may drop by!) This is weather dependent however indoor seating is available for six children
Signage and themed backdrop

Set up between 9-11am, fixtures picked up the following morning

Would you as parents be happy to pay this hire charge?
(We are also looking at other chargeable add-ons we could include (balloons ect) that may take more of the stress off!)

What at what sort of age would you be happy for your little ones to 'camp' from!?

Any potential pitfalls?

Many thanks for your wisdom in advance!

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Gingerkittykat Mon 04-Feb-19 16:05:22

I think the price sounds reasonable.

Where would the kids be camping? I'm assuming it would be a back garden?

To be honest I wouldn't be happy for a kid of primary school age camping like that without supervision all night.

Laulou7 Mon 04-Feb-19 16:07:16

Yes it would be a set up in the back garden - that's good to know thank you, we were thinking of just doing daytime set ups for children, and sleepover themed parties for adults / teenagers if so. Thank you

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