Baby's first birthday

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Florries Wed 30-Jan-19 18:17:20

Wasn't going to have one as always thought it was more for the parents than the baby but PIL have talked me into it. DS's first birthday party day before his actual birthday. From 14:00-16:00. In April, Easter weekend

Quite a lot of adult guests a we have a very big family. Also invited my friends who we visit often with young DC. Mostly babies but one 7year old and a couple of toddlers.

Was going to do a which, crisps, cake and buscuits for the kids and squash/water. Should I do nibbles for the adults. Hopefully the weather will be okay as our house is fairly small. Should I just get out all of DS's toys and let the kids play? Put on kids music?

Any ideas, suggtions. I've never actually been to a kids party. The last one, I was a child!!

Do I need to do party bags?? Can anyone talk me through what they did for their child's first b/day and what I can expect. It's only a couple of hours so hopefully not too traumatic!!!!

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DinoMamasaurus Wed 30-Jan-19 18:40:20

We just had a low key 1st Birthday. Grandparents, aunts and uncles over to the house. Bit of easy buffet type food and I made a birthday cake. Just a few hours. My little one loved it - we all sang happy birthday to him and I did a mini cupcake for him to have in his highchair to smoosh. Got some cute pictures of him with his cake and in a little party hat. Also got a foil helium 1 balloon which he enjoyed playing with.

Summer birthday so people were out in the garden. We got a blow up bouncer for him for the garden and that came out for the first time that day.

We had a few bigger kids coming so I did a couple of little party bags but you really don’t need to worry about doing them. I just wanted to and find that kind of thing fun!

I tried to get pics of him with everyone who came and had some coloured paper for people to write him a little message if they wanted to. I then put them and the pictures together to make a little mini first birthday book. Again totally not necessary but nice if you like that kind of thing. I noted down a couple of bits like words he was saying at that point, what he liked etc - just cos you forget things like that as the years go by.

Florries Wed 30-Jan-19 21:35:33

Aww thats lovey! Thanks, Dino .

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CocoLoco87 Wed 30-Jan-19 21:47:14

For DC1 we had a party for around 40 adults and 15-20 children. BBQ outside, platters of food and desserts. Lots of prosecco etc. It was a good excuse to gather our family and friends and have a bit of a knees up. We had a soft play area for the little kids and trampoline etc.

DC2 just had a few friends round for cake and coffee grin

CocoLoco87 Wed 30-Jan-19 21:49:15

And I always do party bags, even for a small party at home. I usually do a bit of plastic tat as well as mini at dough tubs, a couple of cutters / moulds, bubbles etc

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