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M&S food ordering - anyone done it? What's it like?

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Ceolas Sat 30-Jun-07 13:11:50

DH's 40th is 2 weeks before our 4th baby is due. It's not a massive deal, just an evening buffet and drinks for about 15 adults and 8 children.

Don't know if I can be bothered doing the food at that stage!

Was thinking about M&S food ordering?

Ceolas Sat 30-Jun-07 17:51:20


I have the brochure. It looks yummy but expensive!

DoubleBluff Sat 30-Jun-07 17:52:24

HAd one of their birthday cakes were very efficient.

blackandwhitecat Sun 01-Jul-07 19:49:11

Have done it for DD2's welcome to the world party. Highly recommend it.

foxinsocks Sun 01-Jul-07 19:52:19

I did it for Christmas one year. Food was fab and it all turned up on time.

nickytwotimes Sun 01-Jul-07 19:55:49

We did it for our wedding - would highly recommend it.

crayon Sat 07-Jul-07 21:20:50

No, but used Waitrose's version recently and they were excellent.

ZZMum Sat 07-Jul-07 21:24:29

totally recommend -- used it for several PIL does -- I would recommend getting a lot of fruit and salad stuff as it can be quite stodgy if you do not order very carefully...

katherinez Sun 08-Jul-07 10:42:53

Did it once and it was great. Lots of complements, yummy food.

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