AIBU to be annoyed by this Facebook post?

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ticklycough Mon 17-Dec-18 18:34:35

Myself and DD were due to go to a friends DD's birthday party at the weekend. 10am so a bit early plus no food was going to be provided. This didn't bother me too much.

On the morning of the party, said friend sends a message warning that her DD has a highly infectious condition. The party is still going ahead however but wanted to warn everyone. My DD is susceptible to any bug going and as she already has a cough and cold I decided to not go and let the friend know.

Fast forward a few hours and there's a post on FB from the friend thanking the few people that turned up and moaning about those that didn't turn up. No mention about her warning people about the illness. AIBU to think this is wrong and pure attention seeking?

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