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Is anyone having a baby shower?

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amyem Sun 16-Dec-18 08:39:51


Just curious as to whether anyone is having a baby shower and, if so did you organise it yourself or is something else doing it for you/was it a surprise?

I didn't realise this was a thing in the UK I always assumed it was more of an American thing but they seem to be rising in popularity!

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howonearthdoyoucopewith3 Sun 16-Dec-18 08:41:12

I didn't - I think it's an excuse for getting presents and in my experience presents usually come after the baby is born!

howonearthdoyoucopewith3 Sun 16-Dec-18 08:41:58

I did go away with DH before the babies were born, but nothing that put anyone else to any expense.

amyem Sun 16-Dec-18 08:45:13

@howonearthdoyoucopewith3 I know what you mean, a couple of my friends have either had them or been to them recently and keep asking about me having one - the thought never even crossed my mind!

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harrypotterfan1604 Sun 16-Dec-18 08:52:30

I really didn’t like the idea of having a baby shower but some friends were mithering me too so I decided to arrange an afternoon tea With all my close friends, 10 of us all together. I insisted that it was just afternoon tea but a few friends bought decorations and a few little bit not OTT games. I also insisted on no gifts because I think it’s a bit cheeky but they all got small little gifts anyway. It really was a lovely afternoon filled with cake and laughter and catching up with good friends

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