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Party ideas for DS1 aged 4

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youpeskykids Mon 25-Jun-07 00:08:39

DS1 is 4 at the end of November and of all my friends with children of the same or similar age, he is the last birthday of the year. By the time it comes to DS1's birthday, all the party ideas have been
used up and because many of kids birthday's are within 2 weeks of one another, I really don't want to repeat another party idea.

We do all laugh about it, but this year I really would like to come up with something that no-one else has thought of!!! ok, call me competitive!

My house is too small for a party indoors, so would have to be somewhere external (have already been to/tried farm parties, bouncy castles, softplay area parties, tumbletots parties)

Anyone else with similar aged sons with a stonking good idea for a party?!

CristinaTheAstonishing Mon 25-Jun-07 00:32:05

I don't think little children will mind if they go to the same place more than once in a short space of time. For November it would have to be something indoors, so given their age too perhaps a softplay centre would be best. You could also hire a church hall and a bouncy castle or arts & crafts, magician, take them for pottery etc, but I think that requires more organisation.

Califrau Mon 25-Jun-07 03:50:37

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

lilolilmanchester Mon 25-Jun-07 11:16:28

We hired a hall and played traditional party games for both of my DCs. The kids LOVED it, as it was very different to the softplay type parties they'd all been to many times. Another time I did a craft party, bought loads of things from Baker Ross and then as they finished something they put it in a bag,doubled as party bag gifts. We did key rings, bookmarks, fridge magnets etc.
Depends on whether you fancy running the party yourself - if so, strongly recommend roping in extra helpers. And also on the age/attention span of the children in question. If they were all just 4, might be a bit young - I think mine were 5 for the games parties and DD was 6 for craft party.
Another time we used a DJ who had done disco parties for school/brownies and was great with younger kids, combining action songs with games. Might give some ideas to others if not appropriate for you!

Clary Mon 25-Jun-07 11:46:47

The problem is that 4 is quite young for a lot of things like swim parties, football parties, etc, which is why a lot of people go for soft play.
DS2 is 4 and we had a pirate party in a hall for him - I can tell you what games we did if you fancy that. Quite a lot of orgaisation tho and some kids won't play.

Still, at 4 a lot of parents stay which can make it easier.
Other parties he has been to this year - soft play X loads, swim party where parents stayed in the pool, superhero party in a hall (that was great) with a face painter (a helpful friend), party at home with bouncy castle (that was great, very relaxed but no good in November).

Post if you want the pirate game ideas

lilolilmanchester Mon 25-Jun-07 11:57:34

I made a very easy treasure chest birthday cake, which would fit with the pirate theme if that's what you go with and want to know how to make it.

Clary Mon 25-Jun-07 12:49:35

oh yy treasure chest Best Cake Ever

maisemor Mon 25-Jun-07 12:57:59

How about making up a treasur hunt in your local park. I know it will be cold in November,just make sure that the parents understand that they need to provide outdoor clothes and not just show up in a little party frock.

Each stop should consist of a job i.e. you all need to jump 10 times, you all need to walk in a long line to the next destination which is ......[fill in blank] etc.

Use chalk (as it will wash away in the rain) or sticks to make out arrows as to which way they need to go. I used to love that as a kiddie. You can either finish the hunt at your house, or at the playground or somewhere hired where you will have hidden a treasur chest filled with their party bags or something else.

Each team must have an adult in it.

maisemor Mon 25-Jun-07 12:58:25

Or there's the Zoo, they do parties.

Califrau Mon 25-Jun-07 20:19:19

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

youpeskykids Tue 26-Jun-07 17:12:43

Thanks everyone, really loved the pirate party idea, think I'll go along with that one. If I start now, I might just be ready by end of November!!!

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