Adult birthday party- full buffet or nibbles?

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sparkleandsleep Sat 10-Nov-18 11:47:56

We're planning a birthday party in a hired hall in January for around 50 people.
It starts at 7.30- would you expect a 'proper' buffet, nibbles or no food at all?
The venue will do a basic buffet (sandwiches, sausage rolls etc) for £4 a head or I can bring my own food and I cannot decide if people will really want to eat party food as they'll probably have eaten beforehand or just have crisps, nuts and maybe some dips.
Any thoughts?

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sparkleandsleep Sat 10-Nov-18 19:24:24

Hopeful bump 😊

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ClosedAuraOpenMind Sat 10-Nov-18 19:26:59

last time I went to a 'grown up' party in a village hall there was a buffet, with sandwiches, sausage rolls, chicken drumstick, pizza etc and crisps and salad. that was DMIL's 70th

SippingSipsmith Sat 10-Nov-18 19:28:15

I'd rather have nibbles but plenty of alcohol

SippingSipsmith Sat 10-Nov-18 19:29:18

Good quality pizzas? Can't go far wrong

SippingSipsmith Sat 10-Nov-18 19:29:57

What's the age though 40th somewhat different to an 80th grin

sparkleandsleep Sat 10-Nov-18 19:45:34

It's a 40th smile

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