First party.5yrs old. Scared no one will come.

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Aliciarose2 Thu 08-Nov-18 02:19:26

Hey, I'm really scared to throw my little one a party! Hes never had one and it would be nice for his 5th party in 4 weeks. Hes always wanted one and I feel bad. But so many stories of no one turning up to childrens parties scares the life out of me.
I have severe social anxiety and dont interact with other parents at the school. I've tried but somehow I'm just one of those people that gets ignored, you know? My anxiety might shine though, I don't know.
Anyway I haven't booked it yet but I was going to go for a little play zone down the street from the school, it's not a great place now that bigger ones have opened up but you would need to drive there however, the place in choosing is what everyone went to anyway around 1-2 years ago and people still do just not much.

I thought it may be better for straight after school for an hour or two where the parents can easily access it.

I dont know what else to say?😭 is it likely people will turn up? Does anyone have good or bad experiences? Anybody have any tips please?
I'm so scared 😭
Thankyou xx

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Rainbowqueeen Thu 08-Nov-18 03:00:22

hi OP. I think most people will turn up, your LO will have a wonderful time and you will be really happy that you did this for him

I was terrified that no one would come to my LOs first party - everyone came!

Your plan of straight after school at a place down the road from the school sounds lovely and thoughtful

Take the next step, ring and book, then work out a guest list and go shopping for invitations.
Do you have some family or family friends that you can invite as well who will definitely come to reassure yourself?

Your LO will have a great time no matter what if you present it the right way. If people can’t cone be bright and breezy. Remind him of things he’s missed out on due to a clash or illness or whatever.

I know you are scared but tou can do this! Keep posting if you have any other questions

EggsRoyale Thu 08-Nov-18 03:08:41

Just be aware that straight after school may not suit working parents where kids have to be picked up by childminders or go to after-school clubs. It may not be an issue in your childs class but I would expect at least half of my dds reception class couldn't make a midweek after school party.

GreenTulips Thu 08-Nov-18 03:16:07


I don't see why not! OP could arrange to take one or two home to be collected after the party
Or the party finishes at 6pm assuming 2 hours after school and therefore normal collection time
Or they may have grandparents to step in
Or OP could arrange to collect and walk to the venue
Other parents help each other out

It's not always a straight no

Go for it OP - kids will come and he'll have a great time

I've never heard of no one turning up in RL - it's very rarely happens

NewBabyNoName Thu 08-Nov-18 03:26:38

I agree with EggsRoyale weekend parties are likely to be better attended. Pick a suitable time and I'm due it will be fine. We've only turned down 2 party invites in Reception both for prior arrangements.

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