Oh 40th birthday ideas

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stridesy Sun 14-Oct-18 20:20:01

Hi my oh is 40 this month and I'm not sure what to get him. I'm not working so although have savings not quite sure about going overboard. Ironically I've started getting him some Xmas presents and no what to get there. Did wonder about a zoo experience, or a new shed (boring). He's mentioned new tv (I don't have a clue plus our one is fine!) and a fish tank (seems a waste and uses up room when dd is getting a toy kitchen in front room) plus a game and dvds. We are not doing anything special on the day (my bday is 2 days before as well) but maybe fireworks and sausages in the garden. He is not overly looking forward to it although has picked his cake!
What did you do for your oh?

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