Seating for toddler party

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SpaceDinosaur Sat 06-Oct-18 01:38:42

DD will be turning two and having a party.

I've found a hall and a soft play company who are available so just need to provide food, music and take homes.

The hall is linked to a school but a separate building. It has adult tables and chairs but not children's. They're not prepared to hire/provide child sized tables and chairs which for toddlers would be a darn site easier than adult furniture.

The soft play company I've gone with have the best contents in the party package (more ride ons, better variety etc) but don't hire children's furniture whereas less good local companies do offer this as an "extra"

I'm a bit stuck!
DD + floor picnic = no eating or drinking.
DD + sat at a table = winner.

We have two tables and 4 chairs at home.... so would need another 20 seats and enough tables.

I've looked at hire companies but I really resent paying almost the purchase price of the kids Ikea wooden table and chairs to hire identical furniture for 4 hours. my question is have I missed a trick? Is there a solution other people use that I've missed?

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SpoonBlender Sat 06-Oct-18 01:45:33

For two year olds, all the kids are going to need supervision for eating anyway, won't they? It's not like you can put out a buffet and expect them to queue up. So they'll need adults to handle the feeding. Can everyone bring their own high chairs? Then you can happily use adult size tables and chairs.

I wouldn't dare a floor picnic with a bunch of toddlers anyway, footprints in the butter!

DemocracyDiesInDarkness Sat 06-Oct-18 01:48:25

Why can't they eat sitting on mats or blankets? Sorry if I've missed something.

DemocracyDiesInDarkness Sat 06-Oct-18 01:49:47

Sorry but massive confused to having every parent bring a high chair to a party!

It's crisps and sandwiches, what's the worst that's going to happen?

SpaceDinosaur Sat 06-Oct-18 01:54:32

I've hosted up to 8 toddlers at mine before and have managed to accommodate everyone for lunch without asking people to bring their own high chairs.... using a combo of Ikea table & chairs, high chair, travel high chairs and garden chairs.... I worry it's a faff asking people to bring their own and ideally I'd like to provide for our guests. Also, appropriately sized furniture looks REALLY cute when dressed.

I'm planning on doing boxes for the children with a buffet for the adults (and muchos wine)

Im trying to avoid a picnic because my LO doesn't get it... she equates eating with table. Floor = play. Also, if they're safely on chairs it's easier to parent and keep an eye. They're less likely to wind up in a ball pool with their naice ham sandwich if you blink

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DemocracyDiesInDarkness Sat 06-Oct-18 01:57:51

But if she doesn't eat, so what? It's a party, they're toddlers. They'll eat a few crisps, mash a sandwich into their shoe, go home.

You are waaaay overthinking this.

SpaceDinosaur Sat 06-Oct-18 02:01:44

@DemocracyDiesInDarkness I think you may have pinned the tail on the donkey.

I may have over pinterested.

Party's not over a meal time.

I'm being a twat aren't I?

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DemocracyDiesInDarkness Sat 06-Oct-18 02:04:04

Oh love grin

Chuck some mats down, shake the crumbs off outside, done!

SpaceDinosaur Sat 06-Oct-18 02:10:16

Thanks for being a voice of reason!!!

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Fishforclues Sun 07-Oct-18 20:17:59

If you did need toddler sized tables, ring up a local preschool and ask to hire them. A big chain one might not be interested but I bet a little one in a local scout hut or similar would be happy to help.

But yes, way overthinking. Put a couple of rugs down and don't worry about it. I think this will be an issue quite specific to your DD to be honest. My memory of baby groups etc was there were always snacks and drinks at some point and no one ever sat at the dining table. Children are either allowed snacks and drinks wandering round, or they are trained to sit down on the floor when eating and drinking.

Camomila Fri 12-Oct-18 19:23:56

How old are the toddlers, 2? At the soft play parties I've been to they all sit on normal chairs tucked right into the table and with parents hovering behind them and its fine.

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