Midnight Feasts

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tracelab Thu 04-Oct-18 23:08:58

Some other great ideas though! Time to get planning

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tracelab Thu 04-Oct-18 23:08:19

Thank you all. I wasn't planning to leave them to the hot chocolates without supervision, nor let them have it in bed smile.

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Fishforclues Thu 04-Oct-18 20:12:27

Not too messy? There's not much worse than milk when mixed with 6 romping children and lots of bedding, mattresses etc!

Bread sticks dipped in chocolate with sprinkles are fun and actually don't contain a huge volume of chocolate. Maybe crisps.

AmazingGrace16 Tue 02-Oct-18 06:42:34

What a great idea smile
If you can avoid anything chocolatey that could get squished into sleeping bags and melt.
Yoghurt raisins? Nuts? Pringles? Cheese strings? Strawberries? Pepramis? Cheese bread sticks?
We had midnight feasts of bread and pate and ham. Very malory towers and made it seem very special!

Ricekrispie22 Tue 02-Oct-18 06:14:52

If I'd just taken a group of boys out for dinner, I'd be hoping that they would be full when we got back (or else I wouldn't have got my money's worth!). Unless you eat at the type of place which serves minuscule portions.
And from experience it seems like the amount of sugar that they get fed is directly proportional to the amount of time that they stay awake for! So basically if you want them to sleep, avoid anything sugary.

AjasLipstick Mon 01-Oct-18 15:28:09

I think those drinks sound messy as hell! I wouldn't be giving them melted chocolate at all.

I'd keep it simple and offer them an icecream each along with some crisps. They will make a mess whatever you give them to be frank. Make sure there's a small waste bin in the room and tell them firmly to use it.

tracelab Mon 01-Oct-18 15:13:28

My soon to be 8 year old DS is having a sleepover party in a few weeks. There will be 6 boys in total (two of them are mine!) They are well behaved kids and I'm not expecting too much trouble smile

I'm going to do "midnight feast" boxes for them which they'll have when we get back from dinner. Probably eaten in their beds/indoor tents in the early evening. So I'm looking for ideas of things that won't be too messy but will still be fun. So far I've thought of hot chocolate kits (chocolate on a stick with mini marshmallows to stir into warm milk) but am struggling with other ideas. I'd prefer no popcorn as I don't want to risk it being thrown around and looking for thoughts beyond biscuits.

I'm not overly worried about sugar content as it's a special occasion and I know the other mums will be pretty relaxed about it.

I'd love some inspiration for other ideas. x

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