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Halloween Birthday Party

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prettymuchaceleb Sun 23-Sep-18 18:04:10

Any ideas for a 3 year olds Halloween Birthday party ? Also what should I pop in the party bags?

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sleepismysuperpower1 Sun 23-Sep-18 18:45:56

-ask everyone to come in a costume

-pass the eyeball, like pass the parcel, but the prize is stuffed inside a tissue paper ball, and then wrapped in white paper to make it a circular shape. draw a black sharpie eye on every layer.

-pumpkin pinata, pretty self explanatory

-glow in the dark bowling. get plastic bottles, pop some glowsticks in each one, get a ball and you are ready to go. you can make bowling lanes by lining the floor with glowsticks

-you could hire a face painter to paint the kids faces?

-monster rice krispie treats

-mandarin pumpkins, get a peeled mandarin, and pop a cut bit of green liquorice in the top. they should look like this

-spooky sandwiches, get a ghost cookie cutter to cut the sandwiches into ghost shapes

you could fill one of these:

with a chocolate eyeball, jelly spider, and bouncing eye bouncing ball.

maybe a circular cake with a ghost cut out of icing? (or a few ghosts if you are using the same cookie cutter as the sandwiches) you could use writing icing to write the name?

all the best x

spinabifidamom Fri 28-Sep-18 20:51:45

Here are some more ideas:

Wrap the mummy?
Make cookies?
Apple bobbing?
Pumpkin decorating?
Not so scary storytelling?
Halloween arts and crafts?

prettymuchaceleb Sat 29-Sep-18 03:09:13

That's great. , keep them coming !!

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Twindad79 Fri 05-Oct-18 20:38:20

There’s an awesome animated Halloween Party Invitation at which you can personalise and send via WhatsApp (they’ll email you your video once you’ve purchased it). Happy trick-or-treating!

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