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cowsarecool Mon 10-Sep-18 20:23:45

It's that time of year again where I start to organise my LO birthday party. This year LO has decided location of their favourite play centre. Which is fine, quite expensive for what it is but not unaffordable. The only trouble is that it is about a 20 minute drive from where we live. LO birthday is a weekday near the end of October and I was originally thinking of having the party on the Saturday following the actual birthday. However, due to the location I don't know if it is fair for parents to give up a good chunk of their Saturday to attend. The area of the party has lots of restaurants/shopping Malls around so they don't have to stay at the party and can go off. The other option is to have it after school on the day of the birthday about 5ish party would finish at about 6.30 - 7pm. But I'm unsure if many people would attend on a weekday with school the next day. I'm just wondering WWYD? Would you attend a party 20 minuets away on a school night or rather go at the weekend? Forgot to add the children attending will range between 5-9.

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Lauren0rder Mon 10-Sep-18 20:24:45

20 minutes is nothing!!!!

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