One year old present ideas

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mummytobabygirl17 Wed 15-Aug-18 06:31:31

Hi everyone

Our Dd is one in a couple of months. Not sure on what to get her for her first birthday any ideas would be great


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lovelyjubilly Wed 15-Aug-18 07:29:06

How about a little ride-on thing if you have the space?

Youvegotafriendinme Wed 15-Aug-18 08:51:04

For DS first birthday we bought some whizz world car stuff. Didn’t spend much and I’m glad because he’s only using it all now and he’s 2 in November. I’d say something he will get use out of such as a small ride on.

Bellabutterfly2016 Wed 15-Aug-18 09:04:57

A Noah's Ark is a lovely toy
There's Playmobil or Happyland type versions or there's the traditional wooden ones too.

Ricekrispie22 Thu 16-Aug-18 15:03:27

A walker is a good idea. There's a nice one in ELC which is a 2-in-1 walker and ride-on with a bonus shape sorting activity. It's the Wobble Toddle Ride On.
When my DC started crawling we got her this which she loved and used for years, both inside and outside.
For her first birthday we got her a swing with a sat that converted from a baby seat to a normal seat.
She also got a sandpit from the grandparents.

A few other popular toys when she was that age:
Finger puppets
Stacking cups
A rainmaker
Touchy feely book
Fisher Price Snap Lock Caterpillar

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