Parties near Christmas?! Experiences&personal experiences appreciated

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jessicajadexo Sat 11-Aug-18 23:59:54

My LG is turning 3 and wanting her first proper party. Her birthday is the 30th December so a super awkward time, however thinking of booking her party for the 12th Jan to get Christmas and new year out the way first. I’m panicking people are not going to come due to it being such a chaotic time!
My LG nursery breaks up for Christmas on the 21st Dec and so thinking of handing invites on the 17th Dec to give nursery 5 days to hand them out to the children before holidays. Is this too early?

I was potentially thinking I could send a reminder text a week before her party to those who have RVSP due to Christmas being crazy.

Just wanting peoples experiences with having parties so close to Christmas, was there a good turn out? Did people forget? Or just not want to come due to a crazy December? Am I best handing invites earlier to give time for people to reply due to people possibly forgetting to rsvp due to Christmas prep?
(Please help with your experiences and your personal view)

Thankyou so much for reading!

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FrangipaniBlue Sun 12-Aug-18 00:09:43

DS birthday is on 9 January, take it from personal experience DO NOT HAND YOUR INVITES OUT BEFORE CHRISTMAS!

Everyone forgets hmm you need to hand them out when they go back.

jessicajadexo Sun 12-Aug-18 09:11:49

They don't go back until the 7th jan I don't think so would only have around 5 days before the party itself then😩

I was thinking to hand them out the 17th December then those who rsvp me, I was going to then send out a text reminder on the 7th? Would that be any good?

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FrangipaniBlue Sun 12-Aug-18 23:19:13

I have the same dilemma every year!!! They go back so close to his birthday it's too short notice, but if I send them before they finish they all forget angry

It does get easier as they get older, the invite list becomes more select and you can usually get those parents numbers pre Christmas and text them over the holidays to remind them smile

jessicajadexo Mon 13-Aug-18 08:34:26

Defiantly, think I'm going to send the invites out 2 weeks before the 21st December before Christmas properly begins and ask people to rsvp before Christmas so then in the new year I can just send a reminder text to those who have rsvp. Hopefully that works!xx

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