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Lucyloo1234 Sat 04-Aug-18 10:06:26

I currently work as a learning and behaviour mentor at a school and love working so when it comes to evenings, weekends and holidays I am lost. I am looking into starting a children’s entertainment business and would appreciate advice on what you would like it a children’s entertainer and what activities they would do at a party.


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MinisterforCheekyFuckery Thu 23-Aug-18 11:59:44

We've just booked a lady who does a combination of magic tricks, songs, dancing and party games with the kids. We liked the fact that there was quite a lot of variety in her act so felt it was more likely to hold small children's attention. We also liked that she stays for the whole party (she does 45 mins, break for 20-30 mins while kids eat then another 45 mins) whereas a lot of entertainers we looked at seem to do a 45 minute show and then leave. This was no good to us as we'd then still have to entertain the kids ourselves for most of the party, which is exactly what we wanted to avoid!

We also appreciated it when entertainers clearly stated their fees on their website or FB page. I spent ages ringing different entertainers, leaving messages, filling in online enquiry forms and sending emails, waiting for them to get back to me, only to find they wanted £250+ which was more than we could afford to pay so it was a waste of my time and theirs.

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