Big birthday - venue London

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n0ne Tue 19-Jun-18 12:38:54

Bump - any other options?

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n0ne Mon 18-Jun-18 20:48:28

Oh wow, that sounds perfect, thanks!

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Ricekrispie22 Mon 18-Jun-18 20:03:57

Whoops, sorry, didn't see that you want a DJ/music. So have a look at Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes. The private Kingpin suite has 5 bowling lanes separate from the main venue with its own reception, bar, DJ booth, lounge area, karaoke room and dance floor. It also has table football, pool, a cricket simulator and arcade games. They have a canapés menu or a pizza/chips/burger menu

They're very flexible and can tailor something to suite all budgets and requirements.

Ricekrispie22 Mon 18-Jun-18 19:48:56

The Pizza Playground at Pizza Pilgrims, West India Quay. You should be able to find the brochure on this link

n0ne Sun 17-Jun-18 20:46:15

I'm trying to arrange a joint 'round number' birthday party with my SIL in London to be held on the last weekend of the year. We're thinking a pub (with craft beers would be ace), with games, eg pool, pinball, table football, air hockey, arcade games, board games, and lay on food and a band/DJ. Somewhere fairly central and easy to get to. I don't have a clue where to even start. Does anyone know of anywhere that might fit the bill?

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