Party food for 7 year olds

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Ricekrispie22 Mon 28-May-18 17:16:26

Wow what a spread! However, from all the parties I've seen, individual food boxes work best and are favourable for both you and the kids for so many reasons.

DunnoWhy Mon 28-May-18 08:21:35

Ah, I see you have help from your mum and sister, that's great.
You ask if you forgotten anything, i would say no, you are doing more than enough. Looks like it's going to be a party with great food.

DunnoWhy Mon 28-May-18 08:16:33

Children don't eat much in the parties and definitely don't need that much food and that sort of variety I think. It's great that you are offering great variety though.
They will be playing, running around, excited... anything but food. And when they get hungry, I think small cut simple sandwiches, some finger food in paper plates are totally acceptable, even for 7 year olds.

In my experience you don't need to worry about the food too much, entertainment in the party that matters the most (and the party bags).

You mention there is a cooker there, are you planning to use it? Are you going to do the hot dogs etc yourself or anyone else will be helping? You need to be fully present in the party rather than getting side-tracked by catering chores. I personally would avoid anything requiring my attention so much that i can't watch the party iykwim.
If it was me, I would bring food that is already ready to eat, and not bother with any other food prep.

Justtrying Mon 28-May-18 08:15:19

I have my mum and sister helping. All the cold stuff will be prepared at home before we go to the hall, which is only 2 mins from home. I’m beginning to wish I’d booked a venue with food, as I have in the past but Dd wants a traditional party before they are all too old for party games.

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lovelyjubilly Mon 28-May-18 07:43:12

Sounds nice but do you have someone to help with the hot food? There's no way I'd want to do all that unless I had someone permanently stationed in the kitchen...

Justtrying Mon 28-May-18 07:34:45

Planning DD's party in village hall in a few weeks. There is a cooker and fridge freezer. Was thinking of doing cheese and tomato pizza and hot dogs, veggie and meat. A few sandwiches, ham, cheese and turkey. Homous with veg sticks. Crisps and popcorn. Then little pots of icecream, will get some dairy free sorbet pots too, with mini fruit kebabs. Party rings and chocolate brownie bites. Jugs of water, orange and blackcurrent squash. Cake will go in party bags. Tea and coffee for grown ups and they can have leftovers.

Anything i've forgotten?

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