40th birthday present ideas

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justwishiwasnormal Mon 21-May-18 20:15:00

Is my OH's birthday next month and he will be 40. We have only been together a year. I want to get something special but don't want to go OTT given that we haven't been together very long.

He isn't a showy person and isn't interested in designer clothes/ accessories/ sun glasses etc. He's mega fussy with clothes/ pjs etc. He's not in to any sport or football teams. He likes good food and drink, gardening, unusual trinkets or things in the house, bbq's, trips to the coast, sitting in the garden and good wine.

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FissionChips Mon 21-May-18 23:56:17

A funeral plan.

FissionChips Mon 21-May-18 23:56:40

Or an experience day?

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