Kids party - what have I forgotten to get?

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blinkowl Sat 12-May-18 00:08:03

I just realised I'd totally forgotten table cloths and birthday candles! Got a nagging feeling I've forgotten something else - can you spot it?

Have got:

Venue (they do everything except food)

Cardboard lunch boxes containing:
- half sandwich
- crisps
- chocolate & sweets
- raisins

On table (they will be sat in front of healthy food for a few minutes before gak arrives!)
- veggies & fruit
- pop corn

Plates (not sure if we really need them)
3 large bowls (for pop corn)
various plates for veggies & fruit
Party bag stuff
2 x cakes

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blinkowl Sat 12-May-18 00:09:46

Jugs! Forgot jugs for squash, we had some plastic ones but they seem to have got lost. And still need party bags.

I really wish I was doing this with enough time for Amazon Prime! (Will be trip to shop in the morning).

Hmm. What else have I missed?

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StrugglingMumma Sat 12-May-18 00:13:33

Party games/ entertainment

blinkowl Sat 12-May-18 00:23:24

Thanks smile

Luckily the venue do all of that so I don't need to worry this year (phew!)

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AornisHades Sat 12-May-18 00:25:05


ClandestineAdulation Sat 12-May-18 00:26:28

Do the venue provide napkins? You’ll need more than you think, for the mess, and the cake!

squidgesquodge Sat 12-May-18 00:29:50

Knife for cutting cake


memaymamo Sat 12-May-18 00:44:18

Lighter for the candles.

blinkowl Sat 12-May-18 00:55:53

Napkins!!! Thank you smile We need them for the cake too.

Knife, got but mustn't forget, thanks.

DP should have lighter as he smokes even though swore he'd give up when the baby came

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EduCated Sat 12-May-18 01:06:32

Bags for life to carry everything. And to put presents in grin

blinkowl Sat 12-May-18 01:06:45

Straws - the campaigning has got to me! No straws. (Rest of party still wasteful sad )

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blinkowl Sat 12-May-18 01:07:27

Bags for life - check. Good call, thanks smile

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blinkowl Sat 12-May-18 01:08:43

Pen to take orders for a round of tea for the grownups.
Cash for tea.

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Eminado Sat 12-May-18 01:11:19

Have a lovely party!!!

blinkowl Sat 12-May-18 01:27:51

Thanks flowers

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Honeycake50 Mon 14-May-18 12:26:23

Bin bags for after if not provided.
Cake knife

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