10th birthday ideas please!

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Wackymum Thu 10-May-18 00:35:38

HELP!! I have no idea what to do this year lol, he doesn't know what he would like to do either, as long as he gets to spend time with his friends <3

Our house isn't big enough to hold a party >.<
Laser tag is out due to some having neurological disabilities like epilepsy.

Should mention his birthday falls slap bang in the middle of the summer holidays. So inexpensive options would be appreciated with how much priced shoot up over summer.

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AjasLipstick Thu 10-May-18 00:40:54

Cinema on the cheap day...lots of the big chains seem to have certain cheap days...like a Tuesday when it's a pound a child.

Then go to McDonalds or Pizza Hut?

GreenTulips Thu 10-May-18 00:47:10

Picnic in the park
Bring water guns or nurf guns
Ask mums to bring blankets and wine
Throw in a few balls and set up a rounders match or cricket
Add Frisbys or that tennis game

Kids ill have a ball!

Wackymum Thu 10-May-18 00:57:44

@AjasLipstick cinema is my usual go to - but ours has been flippin' closed down while they build a new one... Idiots... Has given me an idea though... :D

Thanks for the idea @GreenTulips. I am sure we'll think of something. Mind farts are the worst!

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imtired2 Thu 10-May-18 00:58:21

Does your local swimming pool hire out the pool with inflatables. Ours is a reasonable price and doesn't change over summer hols.
Kids loved it
Good no matter what the weathe

Ricekrispie22 Thu 10-May-18 07:15:10

Pizza Hut do Make your own pizza parties for £9.99 per child. The party is hosted by a member of their staff and includes unlimited salad, veggie sticks, a drink each and a visit to the ice cream machine (or an ice lolly if they prefer). They last for 90 minutes. The kids can wear chefs hats or super hero masks (provided by Pizza Hut) and the table is decorated with balloons.

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