Who would do a kids vegetarian sandwich platter?

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TheCatWearsOrange Tue 08-May-18 09:30:58

Everyone seems happy to provide:

1) kids platter (plain cheese/ham/tuna)


2) vegetarian platter (fancy things that kids won't touch at a party)

Does anyone do kids platters without the meat?

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checkingforballoons Mon 14-May-18 20:30:53

I’d contact a local bakery or sandwich place, they’ll be much more open to tailoring things to your needs.

Gottokondo Mon 14-May-18 21:50:29

So basically you want peanut butter and jam sandwiches?

DandelionAndBedrock Mon 14-May-18 21:59:07

Not specifically for children, but are these M&S rolls any good?

lljkk Mon 14-May-18 22:04:59

surely just jam, right? And crisps. Crisps & biscuits is all that DS would eat.

ShatnersBassoon Mon 14-May-18 22:07:54

Morrisons does some fairly simple vegetarian sandwich selections to order, but they're not plain cheese/jam/Marmite simple. There can't be much call for prepared, very basic sandwiches I suppose.

xalyssx Mon 14-May-18 22:32:41

At my kid's party, the parents put their choice of a sandwich filling on the reply to the invitation, then each child received a named lunchbag.


ivenoideawhatimdoing Mon 14-May-18 22:37:03

As someone who doesn’t eat meat I have found vegetarian sandwich platters to be a paltry affair.

The M and S ones are the best but if you’ve got a few Vegetarian kids I would suggest doing it yourself. Jam, cheese, vegetarian sausage and ketchup? Maybe a veggie meat substitute? They charge through the nose for something that will cost pennies!

winterisstillcoming Mon 14-May-18 22:40:58

Houmous is great too for veggies. Stick some ketchup in.

winterisstillcoming Mon 14-May-18 22:43:21

Sorry pressed send too soon. I'd phone up someone local and get them to make them up for you. If you ask your local pub, they might tell you people who do buffets etc. Or ask a butty place or deli if you can pre order. They normally do these things But just don't advertise.

FoofFighter Mon 14-May-18 22:43:53


RavenWings Mon 14-May-18 22:43:54

For a kids platter I imagine you'd want to keep it reasonably simple to please as many as you can.

For a kids party: Cheese/jam/pb&j/nutella sandwiches, fruit (strawberries etc), hummus and things to dip in, crisps, rice krispie buns, chips...

I mean, you could buy it in, but it'd be easy to do.

greathat Mon 14-May-18 22:52:05

I wouldn't do anything peanuty for a kids party. So many allergic kids!

theCatwearsorange Tue 15-May-18 13:18:43


TheCatWearsOrange Tue 15-May-18 13:22:20

Should have called a local bakery.

Got Tesco catering and they didn't deliver!

I'd be looking for plain cheese in bulk, egg mayo, tuna in appetising small portions (like tiny rolls or similar)

I know it's easy to do - but a lot of things are 'easy to do' ... and need to be done ... all at once near a big celebration

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