Present for friend, brother or both?

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MandarinOrange Wed 02-May-18 13:21:30

My 7-year old son has been asked to a 10th birthday party. He is not friends with this boy, but he is friends with his brother. The younger boy had the opportunity to ask a friend along to his brother's party, and my son is going.

So in these circumstances does usual protocol apply - present and card for the birthday boy alone? Or does the younger non-birthday boy also get a gift?

thanks for any guidance you can offer....

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ANameforToday Wed 02-May-18 13:36:43

Present and card for birthday boy only. Your DS is saving his friend from boredom so no gift needed there.

Stompythedinosaur Mon 07-May-18 11:48:30

Yes, present is for the birthday boy.

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