First sleepover!! :-) yay! Now where do I start?!

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hungryhippo90 Wed 25-Apr-18 09:55:16

This is my first time ever straying here! But I think I may just love it!

DD is an only child so we host a lot of get togethers at our house!

We have recently decided that we will have a sleepover at the end of May for all of DDs friends. DD is 10, and so very excited.

The theme is going to be Disney- we’ve pre ordered coco and we have a load of other Disney films that are popular to put on.

Other than that I’m a bit flummoxed at ideas!
I did think of buying them all Disney mugs to fill with hot chocolate before “bed time” - I know the kids will quite probably out last my bed time!

I thought about keeping it mostly simple and ordering pizzas from Dominos for the kids with vegetable batons and Disney themed cupcakes- decorated in theme of the films.

I’d love some ideas if party planning is anyone else’s jam!

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Ricekrispie22 Wed 25-Apr-18 21:01:00

Don't order pizzas - get them to make their own before the film starts. Just buy pizza bases, sauce and toppings.
Same for the cupcakes. Either provide un-iced cupcakes, icing and toppings, or do some of these kits
Asda also sell Finding Dory, Micky Mouse and Toy Story cupcake kits

Play a Disney game such as Scene It, Pictopia or Eye Found It

Do something arty such as Disney Hama Beads

Dobbyy Thu 26-Apr-18 18:04:50

I love all things like sleepovers and planning them for my daughter grin she’s only 6 but has had a few sleepovers already with the girls from her school!

My daughters having a sleepover for her birthday this year and they will also have a ‘movie night’

Iv bought a popcorn maker so they can help do there own popcorn.
We also have a chocolate fountain I will also be using with fruit/marshmellows.

The mug ideal sounds great as well!

I will also be getting the girls matching PJS, and putting fairy lights around the front room to have on instead of the main light. Could you make up little packs of sweets for them each?

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