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Party Games (4 yr olds)?

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batey Mon 15-Jul-02 11:06:12

We're having an end of summer (!) party for my dd and her best friend plus about 10 others, any ideas for games. Hopefuly it will be outside but we may need a "wet weather" plan too! We will do the inevitable pass the parcel but I'm in need of inspiration.

WideWebWitch Mon 15-Jul-02 11:58:01

Oooh Batey, 4 yo games are a PITA IMO! They all want to win and get cross when they don't and it's so hard to find something non competitive if you don't want to deal with loads of whinging...

Musical chairs? Although someone always has to be out. You could give everyone a small something once they're out 'for taking part so well' or is that the above nightmare? Possibly! Tag? they get to run about a lot and everyone joins in, plus it could happily go on for ages if you're lucky! Pin the tail on the donkey? (going back to my childhood now!) Or you could just get a bouncy castle and forget all the games! Went down *very* well at ds' fourth.

Lucy123 Mon 15-Jul-02 12:03:12

My mum used to wrap up lots of small prizes (small packs of crayons etc) and then tie a coloured piece of wool around each one. Then she'd hide them all in the garden and give each child a coloured piece of wool so they'd all have to find their corresponding prize. (Don't remember any fights with that!)

oxocube Mon 15-Jul-02 12:16:31

How about a few games which will wear them out but do not necessarily have a prize at the end. I'm thinking of things like 'stuck in the mud' (couple of kids are 'it' and chase others; when caught, the kids standstill with legs apart and can be freed by somones crawling between their legs (ooh err!), 'Grandmas Footsteps' where kids sit in a circle with eyes closed and one child gets up, leaving a space in the circle, and is given a coloured handkerchief; you sing a song - make one up- and when song finished the child with the hankie drops it behind someones back. Kids look to see who has the hankie and if it is them, they have to run round outside of the circle, trying to catch the one who is 'it'. 'It' has to run and sit down in the space. Sounds complicated but really its not, just hard to describe. Anyway, this sort of ensures everyone gets aturn and you could always give a small prize to all if feeling generous!!

PamT Mon 15-Jul-02 12:18:04

A favourite game of mine when I was a little girl was a chocolate eating game. Everyone sat in a circle and took turns to roll a dice. When they got a 6 they had to get dressed up in hat, scarf, gloves, dad's wellies etc and then start eating a bar of chocolate with a knife and fork. As soon as the next person got a 6, then the first one had to undress and pass all the clothes to the new one so that they could start on the chocolate. The chocolate bar usually lasted quite a while and the game would end when it had all been eaten.

We also used to play musical statues (stand still when the music stops, you're out if you move) and dead lions (everyone lies on the floor and doesn't move, again you're out if you move) - a favourite with the mums because everyone had to be quiet.

Pass the parcel is always a favourite as is tail on the donkey (you can get ready made versions of this now that have velcro or sticker tails - no pins). Simon Says or No Saying Yes or No (get the other kids to ask questions and you're out if you say yes or no - a prize for the one who holds out longest) will both pass 10 minutes. Prizes can be a 5p lolly or a really small gift that can be added to the party bag later but try to make sure that each child wins something, even if you have to turn a blind eye on some occasions.

ionesmum Mon 15-Jul-02 14:54:33

What about dressing-up? Do you have some old clothes, hats, bags etc that they could rummage through?

KMG Mon 15-Jul-02 19:19:37

We had a 'traditional party games party' for my son on Saturday (his 5th), and also last year - the children loved it. I would say: Keep things very simple - many of these children will not have played traditional party games (much) before, so aim low, and explain the games carefully - don't take anything for granted. Don't worry about winners, or prizes, they don't care at this age. Don't eliminate people when playing musical bumps/statues, etc. - it's not necessary. Some of the best 'hits' for us have been:

Copycat - simplified Simon Says. You say - 'hop on one leg, jump up and down, put your hands on your head' ... etc. Then 'Copycat!', at which point they have to sit down and fold their arms and cross their legs. (I know it sounds banal, but they love it!)

Hunting/searching games - Last year we put easy-thread beads mixed up in buckets round the room. Each child had a string with a single bead, and they had to find the other ten matching beads, and thread them! They loved it. This year we scattered two colours of wool (c. 4" lengths) around the garden, divided them into two teams, and they had to collect the right bits of wool, and bring it to the team leader, who knotted it together.

Tell a story and get them to make animal noises.

We borrowed a parachute, and played parachute games in the garden. (4 may be a bit young for this, unless you have some bigger ones there too?)

Last year we did DIY icecream sundaes - loads of chopped fruit, cream, ice cream, sweets, sauces, and let them run riot - great fun!

Try some simple singing games - In and out the Dusty Bluebells is my favourite (nostalgia!)

If you are doing pass the parcel for 12 or so, I'd recommend having two parcels, as it gets fairly tedious at that age if there are endless layers.

I've got loads more ideas ... If you've managed to read this far, let me know!

batey Mon 15-Jul-02 21:15:07

KMG, I'm up for more! Any wet weather safe gaurds?

tigermoth Mon 15-Jul-02 23:10:12

Not exactly a game, but something that can be played indoors as well as out - make a den for them - blankents over tables, play tents, torches, cushions, parchute netting etc. Get them to help. But this only works with under ten children - too many and it would be mayhem IMO.

Follow with an indoor picnic.

maryz Tue 16-Jul-02 20:13:29

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

fqueenzebra Mon 22-Aug-05 09:15:22

Just revising this thread, because it seems to be the only one I can find for 4yo children (dd will be 4 in 5 weeks). Any more suggestions?

We are having a relatively small party at home for her-- only 9 children at most, including my 3. Participating children will be age 2.7 to 5.7.

teabelly Mon 22-Aug-05 10:02:23

Most of the originally suggested old fashioned games do always go down well, and singing nursery rhymes with actions is always a hit Been to one party where the parents got soft toys of the Old McDonald animals, and each child had a different toy, whenever their animal was called out in the song they had to jump up wave their toy and do the animal sound, very simple but caused much amusement and excitement among the kids - was a 3yo party so would suit the av. age maybe?? Other favs were bells of St Clements, and I'm a little teapot. HTH

WigWamBam Mon 22-Aug-05 10:13:25

Get a large sheet of giant bubble wrap, lay it out on the floor, and let the children jump on it.

The adults tend to want to join in too, though ...

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