Book of Everyone? HELP!!!

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SallySauce Wed 11-Apr-18 14:19:58

Hi all,

I'm looking at putting together a book for my partners 50th birthday as a celebration of his life so far! A couple of people have recommended the Book of Everyone which you fill in online and it adds loads of weird and wonderful facts about the day, year etc you were born.

But, as I'm working my way through out I've found that it isn't very personal, for example there are no pages that deal with his name and it's origins and there are only 2 pages out of 52 where you can upload photos which is a bit naff.

Has anyone ever put together something similar and if so did you do it on your own or with the help of an internet site like "book of everyone "...?
Hoping I'll get some responses soon as it's his birthday next week! shock... *HELP!!
Thank you 🙏🏼

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gussiefox Wed 11-Apr-18 14:50:35

Timing might be tight if you only have a week, but for OH's 50th I contacted everyone I could think of that knew him and asked them to make a card. I posted out blank cards with a stamped addressed envelope (not to our home address obviously!). Some were hand drawn, others had stickers and some had old photographs. Brought tears to his eyes.

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