Kids party / play bus any advice

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louise5754 Thu 29-Mar-18 20:14:59

Hi I've been given a quote. I've asked the questions but Ive not had a reply yet. I wondered whether they're a good idea.

The bus parks outside your home. I'm paying them for food. Toy can only invite 20 max.

Did the kids go into your home to eat?
Did they play on the bus a lot?
Did they keep going into the home to play?
It's too expensive to book for 2 hours so can you say the party is only 1 1/2 or will that look tight?
Do the parents stop? I'm not sure if they would leave their 5 yr old knowing the bus is parked on a road however I don't know all the parents from the class so don't really want them all in my house. It's small.
Are older siblings allowed on it while one is off if they're not included in the 20?

I know all companies are different but I was just after other experiences. Thanks x

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