Nieces 13th Birthday (long)

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Chevron18 Fri 23-Mar-18 17:36:46

Hi all, I'm new here and not actually a mum (although ttc) I'm looking for some advice and hoping this may be the place!

Long story so bear with me please. My niece (12) and nephew(5) have been living with me for the past few months as my sister has been really ill and having treatment in hospital. They're great kids and have been so good through everything. My niece is an amazing help with her brother and no matter how many times I encourage her to go and be a teenager she stays in and helps out. It's her 13th Birthday in May and at first she told me and her mum she didn't want a party with everything going on etc. But the last few weeks she's been coming home all excited because most of her close friends are starting to plan their big 13th Birthday bashes. After the hospital visit tonight she got a bit teary and told me she really wants to do something exciting and fun but feels bad cause her mum is so poorly. My heart broke a little at this! I spoke to my sister on the phone and without going into detail I mentioned that niece may want a party after all and my sister is relieved as doesn't want niece to miss out but just doesn't think she can handle the organisation etc. So I said of course I was happy to organise along with her input etc.

So onto the questions!
1. Having asked my niece she doesn't really know what she wants to do except she would like her 5 best girls invited. Any ideas greatly appreciated!
2. I want to make this special as she really is a great kid and never spoilt. Any ideas of something to make it memorable?
3. I'd like to offer to pay for it. My husband and I don't struggle for money and with sister not working for the past year I know she's not exactly flush, she's not a prideful person and I think she will take the gesture as intended but how do I bring it up without an awkward conversation?

Would really appreciate any advice from you mummy/teengirl experts!

Thank you 🙂

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Pradaqueen Fri 23-Mar-18 17:41:19

Aww you sound like a lovely Auntie. Sorry to hear about your Sister's illness. Whereabouts are you OP?

Ummmmgogo Fri 23-Mar-18 17:41:47

afternoon tea, bowling, cinema, theme park, beauty day, paintballing, sleepover? sorry I don't really know either x

Pradaqueen Fri 23-Mar-18 17:42:09

Just thinking of ideas for a 'doing' something and then maybe a sleepover?

Jinglebells99 Fri 23-Mar-18 17:45:51

Aw, your niece sounds lovely and you sound like a lovely aunt. I think it depends what you have locally and what your niece likes to do. My dd took her friends to the cinema and then had a meal in a Italian restaurant for her last birthday. We paid but ate ourselves at a different table. Previous birthdays, we have had a outing and taken a couple of friend along. One year we went to The Warner studio Harry Potter tour. She’s been invited to a trampoline park party, and an American diner. Some hairdressers offer pamper parties. Hope your niece enjoys her party and your sister gets better soon. Oh, film and sleepovers are popular too.

GColdtimer Fri 23-Mar-18 17:46:49

What a lovely aunt. Offer to pay for the celebrations as her birthday present?

My dd is 12 and we are going trampolining, then dinner at an eat all you can place them they are staying over for movies and midnight feasts. Similar number of girls. X

Pradaqueen Fri 23-Mar-18 17:46:58

If you are near a 'young drivers' place, driving actual cars is pretty cool at 13 😉


AJPTaylor Fri 23-Mar-18 17:47:20

i would ask her!
extra special to some 13 year olds might be going to a show and afternoon tea. others it might be the pics and a sleepover.
manicure and peds at local place
big day trip to london to do the sights?
have a think about budget though before starting.
she sounds like a lovely kid and you and your db lovely auntie and uncle.

Chevron18 Fri 23-Mar-18 17:47:34

Thanks Pradaqueen, it's not great but she's on the road to recovery now smile

Thanks all good ideas! I'm in Lincoln but train connections are ok so London is also a possibility.

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Pradaqueen Fri 23-Mar-18 17:49:01

If you are near London, 'the ghost bus tour' is great for kids of that age. Around £15ph. Think they operate in Edinburgh too.

sillyoldowl Fri 23-Mar-18 17:52:59

What about a presso meal? Something like that? Maybe cinema before hand?

NoSquirrels Fri 23-Mar-18 17:57:42

My 13 year old DN wanted to eat out with her friends (adults on separate table) and have a sleepover. She’s also been to a makeover party.

PourMeAGlass Fri 23-Mar-18 18:00:57

My daughter was 13 in November and we did a series of events, Little Mix concert, London to see a show. All we're presents from family members and quite pricey, but she loved going to the cinema with a bunch of her girlfriends and then to Nando's, followed by a sleepover with hot chocolate.

At that age they like being treated as young ladies and not kids, I imagine they'd love anything like an afternoon tea, spa/beauty afternoon, dinner out/sleepover.

And well done you, your niece and nephew are lucky to have you, they'll never forget that. Hope you sister gets better soon thanksthanks

Chevron18 Fri 23-Mar-18 18:04:13

Thanks everyone there are some great ideas here! I was thinking maybe a sleepover as thats the type of thing I would have loved so it's good to see that is still considered a 'cool' option! smile

@Jinglebells99 she loves Harry Potter so I think that could be a good idea! Maybe a trip there then takeaway at home with a sleepover.

@twofalls thats a good idea to offer to pay as a present. I was thinking of offering to pay but not mentioning that part to my niece as I have an inkling part of her saying she didn't want something initially is cause of money as I think she's becoming more aware of their circumstances changing in regards to income etc.

I'll run some of these ideas past Niece and Sis and see where we get to smile

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MistressDeeCee Fri 23-Mar-18 18:04:18

Took DD & her friends to Planet Hollywood in London on her 13th they had a brilliant time. It's lively there great atmosphere for young teens, big screen music videos non-stop etc, staff brought her cake in said happy birthday, meals reasonably priced

lanbro Fri 23-Mar-18 18:07:09

We often put on afternoon tea for birthday parties, usually they've done an activity beforehand. They love to feel grown up at 13!

tkband3 Fri 23-Mar-18 18:09:24

My DTs turned 13 a week ago, and they had a joint party at home. About 30 girls...we provided snacks and drinks and left them to it. It was very loud, but no trouble and all done by 10pm!

But if your niece isn't likely to enjoy something like that (and it's certainly not everyone's cup of tea!), other parties they've been to this year include trampolining and ice skating. One of their other friends did a silent disco, which sounded like good fun too. Is your niece an active child? Would she like to go to Go Ape or somewhere like that?

For DD1's 13th, we did a cinema trip followed by Nando's. And for the DTs 12th they invited some of their friends out to dinner at Pizza Express. DH and I were there, but sat at a separate table (just so we could pay the bill grin).

Or what about a day's shopping in London? If it's not too hard to get to from Lincoln, you could do a day in Westfield, where there's also loads of restaurants and a cinema, so she could have a really fab day out.

Anyway, hope she has a lovely day and agree with all PPs - you are a lovely aunt, and she's lucky to have you flowers.

Pradaqueen Fri 23-Mar-18 18:36:19

If you are going to do a sleepover, suggest you purchase some double-size blow up beds and put them all downstairs 😉. At that age they want to stay up and you'll get zero sleep! If the birthday falls in a warmer month, whatabout a tent outdoors? That's cool. Or maybe a limo ride with Mocktails and then a sleepover?

Pradaqueen Fri 23-Mar-18 18:37:00

Ps glad to hear your sis is on the mend.

Pradaqueen Fri 23-Mar-18 18:38:20

Would also recommend M&S personalised cakes. They do a 'number' cake which is chocolate inside. My DD had it recently and it was delicious!

bellsbuss Fri 23-Mar-18 19:38:32

We did a sleepover for 6 with buffet , music and disco lights. I also did a goody bag for each guest with face masks, bath bombs , lip gloss etc (pound shop) they had a lovely time but were up unti 2 😩

Chevron18 Sat 24-Mar-18 12:11:06

Hi all just wanted to thank you all again for the suggestions. We've had a chat and Google this morning and she's decided on a day out to Harry Potter Studio tour followed by a sleepover/pamper night. A friend of my sister's is a make up artists and has agreed to come over and make up the girls. Niece is very excited and starting to make invitations already!

Thanks again for the great advice smile

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Wellwhatalovelyday Sat 24-Mar-18 12:15:42

It may well break the budget, but look at the sleepover room at Alton towers. You could book the room that connects for you and your sis if she’s well enough. It’s special, really fun.

BigSandyBalls2015 Sat 24-Mar-18 12:17:18

What a lovely idea.

Totally depends on the type of girls imo. One of mine had a makeover type party for her 13th. a lady came to the house and did nails, facepack etc with pretend bubbles.

That would be my other DDs idea of hell, so she chose a night away camping with her best friends and us.

BigSandyBalls2015 Sat 24-Mar-18 12:18:06

Oh just seen you've got it sorted, sounds fab.

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