Do I really need to have a birthday party?

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squarecorners Thu 08-Feb-18 18:42:00

My son has received his first birthday party invites. They are basically from the other kids from our ante natal class because we're all still in touch. About half the kids are having parties, but my son doesn't really know enough children to make it worth it. Am I a horrible mummy for not having a party for him? He goes to a childminder where he has a few little friends - last year I brought a cake and some little treats for the other kids and they all blew out his candles and sang happy birthday to him, so my plan was to do that again. I wouldn't be averse to paying for the kids at the childminders to do an extra day at soft play (they go once a week anyway) but it wouldn't really fit the childminder's plans. I don't think I'm being stingy (it's not about the money at all) I just don't think he would get any benefit, but I've read other threads on here going "oh my god I feel so sorry for the child, he's 3 years old and never had a party!!, sob sob!!". Is it really mean to not have a party for him?? He's getting a nice day out for his birthday, either at one of those family farm type places with tractor rides etc or at the aquarium, so he's not going without.

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Callamia Thu 08-Feb-18 20:02:50

God no, so what you like!
We had our first birthday party for 4years. He had good friends, went to parties and understood the whole idea. It worked well.

Before that, we shared a party with our antenatal group - we shared the hire of a hall and soft play stuff and let them run around. Everyone got a secret Santa style present, and we got to hang out and eat snacks. I wouldn’t have put a party on for a toddler on their own though.

Stompythedinosaur Sun 18-Feb-18 15:39:10

At 3 that's not even an issue.

I do think school age kids get a lot out of inviting friends for a party, even if it's just a couple for a small something at home.

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