43 invitations, 3 acceptances

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Rainbowblume Fri 26-Jan-18 15:37:38

I was thinking maybe 20 to 30 might come to my party. At least 15. But 3 is a bit disappointing. It's not until end of Feb so, there's still time. At what point does one reset expectations with guests? The invitation was clear I was expecting a party rather than an intimate dinner.

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Chewbecca Fri 26-Jan-18 15:38:38

Did the invite actually request an RSVP?

Rainbowblume Fri 26-Jan-18 15:40:40

Yes. By 7 Feb. I'm really fast replying. They might be confirming their child care.

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littlepinkgiraffe Fri 26-Jan-18 15:49:28

When did you send the invites?

Rainbowblume Fri 26-Jan-18 15:54:00

10 days?

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AJPTaylor Fri 26-Jan-18 16:53:57

I think you are panicing a little soon!
On the 5th Feb send a reminder.
Most people are just slogging through January

Rainbowblume Sat 10-Feb-18 23:01:43

OP here to say you were right and lots replied on the deadline. 35 are coming so that's cheered me up. Better make a to do list.

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AiryFairy1 Sun 11-Feb-18 14:58:46

Yay for you OP! I also have a little panic when people don’t rsvp immediately, but nearer the day they commit and it’s all groovy!
Have a super party 🎈

EventsbyTania Fri 09-Mar-18 21:23:21

Always best to send out invites by post or phone 2 to 3 weeks before the party. Then the weekend before, phone everyone to confirm who is definitely attending. Hope that helps.

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