Boys christening gift - any ideas??

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Tess100 Sat 28-Apr-07 07:53:49

Does anyone have any ideas for a baby boys christening present? I am godmother and racking my brains to think of a cool, nice present but everything I've seen so far is a bit naff- want to spend around £50-£60 max. Thanks!

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SimplySparkling Sat 28-Apr-07 07:56:07

I'll be watching this with interest as I need to buy a gift for my goddaughter.

SpookyMadMummy Sat 28-Apr-07 07:59:25

St. Christopher medal?
Nice pen set?(for when he's older)

heifer Sat 28-Apr-07 08:03:11

When DD was christened if people asked me what to buy her I suggested a proper story book..

We got some lovely ones, Alice in Wonderland, The Secret Garden, Whinnie the Pooh, Beatrix Potter (all box sets) and quite a few more single story books.

I thought they would be nice for her later on, and something that could be kept.

She also got given quite a few bibles, and money boxes...

Another great pressie was a Christening box, you know the momento boxes, and I have put all her Christening things, invites, cards etc in the box for safe keeping.

We bought her a big Wooden Noahs ark, which again I thought she could keep and maybe hand down.. She plays with it every day (she is 3 by the way)...

casmumof3 Sat 28-Apr-07 08:09:28

We bought our godson a child sized tool box which contained real woodwork tools but child sized eg saw hammer level and manual drill.His parents were thrilled as it was something he could use when he was older with his dad.

fatcatkin Sat 28-Apr-07 08:44:49

Terramundi money pot. They come in loads of colours and can be customised. They're about 20 pounds each.
Make up the diference between what it cost and how much you're willing to spend in 2 pound coins. Once full, it holds about 600 pounds in these coins. Makes a nice addition to a savings account for when they're older and needing to think about a car, university etc?

MrsBadger Sat 28-Apr-07 09:07:31

nice book, or set of books - love the tool set idea though.

don't get a money box - the last christening we went to the child got seven

amidaiwish Sat 28-Apr-07 09:07:56

a personalised, hand painted child's wooden chair (DD2 got one from her godmother, it's lovely)
premium bonds?

Eddas Sat 28-Apr-07 09:20:20

My friends MIl got her dd2 a book which was made up with photos of dd2 since birth with her family etc. You can add in narrative etc. I thought it was lovely. Boots do them takes 2 weeks and doesn't cost too much definately within your budget link here

I also liek the photo cubes where you can add a picture. Will try to find what i mean

Eddas Sat 28-Apr-07 09:21:17

Actually premium bonds are good too as amidawish said but you have to buy a minimum of £100 so a bit more than your budget

Eddas Sat 28-Apr-07 09:23:41

Found some here , they do them in loads of places though

My last post, honestly

Tess100 Mon 30-Apr-07 08:55:33

Thanks for the ideas, will do a bit more research,like the idea of books for when he's a bit older! Wanted to avoid the useless ornamental object at all costs...Also like the idea of a wooden toy that at least won't break!

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FundaMental Mon 30-Apr-07 08:58:13

This is the Noahs Ark I bought for DD

bit pricey but nice and big

amidaiwish Mon 30-Apr-07 08:59:26

yes, that's nice - a cheaper one here

CantSleepWontSleep Mon 30-Apr-07 13:57:59

Am bumping this for further ideas, as I need to get a Christening gift for next weekend, and am wanting to spend up to £30.

MrsBadger Mon 30-Apr-07 13:58:46

I still say books

MuffinMclay Mon 30-Apr-07 16:59:39

I got my nephew a good Oxford dictionary as a Christening Gift. Think it was about £80, but that was a couple of years ago, but you could get a good one for less than that.

mylittlestar Mon 30-Apr-07 17:23:00

I'd say books too.

Ds got about 6 money boxes!

But a couple of people bought him books, he got a full set of disney story books (great present), a 'my first bible', some lovely wodden presents e.g. a wooden jigsaw set which had his name engraved in the box. You can order them online too...

the 'personalised wooden jigsaw puzzle'
number 5

he also got a beautiful set which was a knife, fork, spoon, cup, bowl and plate from 'Kaloo' - which we use every day

MrsBadger Mon 30-Apr-07 17:46:54

(though I would favour classics over Disney myself)

mylittlestar Mon 30-Apr-07 17:55:14

MrsB - me too

just that ds has a particular fascination with mickey mouse at the moment! i'm sick of it!

CantSleepWontSleep Mon 30-Apr-07 21:48:18

Remembered whilst browsing books this afternoon that the mum is a fan of a particular children's classic, so have gone for a book afterall. Thanks ladies .

angmarie Tue 01-May-07 07:36:16

What about the full collection of Thomas the Tank Engine books .

WWW.ROYALMINT.COM do some nice christening sets that show the money that was in cirrculation the year they were born , my son got one off my parents for his christening and it is a really nice set.

Tess100 Tue 01-May-07 16:12:56

Have just bought a wooden Noah's ark & have also seen a child's garden bench...or might go for a book. Thanks for the ideas everyone, really helpful!!

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clarasebal Wed 18-Sep-13 19:34:19

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AndreaGz Mon 30-Sep-13 11:51:17

Baby boy isn't going to remember it so why not get something for the guests. I went to a baptism recently where the parents had bought a massive cake with the babies picture on it. Very cute.

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