4th birthday breakfast party

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Onegoodmutha Thu 18-Jan-18 21:12:43

Is a party at 9.30 on a Sunday a good idea? It’ll be a breakfast party with face painting and soft play. Lots of coffee for grown ups.
My thinking is that people are up early with kids anyway and being first thing it won’t interrupt everyone’s day.

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OuchBollocks Thu 18-Jan-18 21:14:44

I have a 3.6yo and I would absolutely go to that. Up, dressed, out and all day to calm down again.

Nicpem1982 Thu 18-Jan-18 21:16:12

I would totally appreciate that

Greensleeves Thu 18-Jan-18 21:16:27

We probably wouldn't make the effort I'm afraid. Sunday mornings are chilled-out family time. We'd happily do Sunday afternoon.

dontquotemeondailymail Thu 18-Jan-18 21:16:52

Love that idea!

SheSparkles Thu 18-Jan-18 21:18:29

Morning parties for young kids are fab-we did one years ago when my dd was 3. As a parent of an invited child you don’t have your child totally wired till a party starts at 2or 3pm. Go for it!

dicdicnurse Thu 18-Jan-18 21:18:44

Same as greensleeves, we encourage laziness on a Sunday! Everyone still in their pjs at 10.30 is standard.


GrowThroughWhatYouGoThrough Thu 18-Jan-18 21:26:03

Not for us sorry Sunday morning is a lazy morning

egginacup Thu 18-Jan-18 21:28:16

I’d love that- tire them out before lunch, nice lazy afternoon.

OuchBollocks Thu 18-Jan-18 21:38:32

How do you have a lazy morning with preschoolers in the house?!

LalalaLeah Thu 18-Jan-18 21:40:02

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

HelenaJustina Thu 18-Jan-18 21:40:45

Sunday morning means church for us, but you know your audience best. I imagine if you did offer coffee/papers/croissants for the adults, it could be quite popular!

halcyondays Thu 18-Jan-18 21:42:50

No, it's much too early and not all kids get up early.

CeeCeeMacFay Thu 18-Jan-18 21:43:11

When my dc were this age I would have loved it, they were up by 6am every day without fail so no lazy sundays for us. Thankfully they are now teens and sleep in

Emeralda Thu 18-Jan-18 21:47:01

We did a Sunday 11am party and it went down well. We supplied newspapers, coffee and tea, biscuits etc for adults and that went down a storm. 9:30 might be a bit early for us to be up and out on a Sunday. Even 10am would feel a bit more achievable!

Emeralda Thu 18-Jan-18 21:51:20

We did have a couple of people come along with older siblings in tow who asked if it was ok to leave younger one there while they took the older one to an activity. I think that would be less likely in the afternoon. You know your audience best.

bigfishlittlefishtupperwarebox Thu 18-Jan-18 22:11:13

I'd be happy with that - fills the morning nicely and all day to calm down after!

Greylilypad Thu 18-Jan-18 22:16:05

Been to several of these at 10am - totally fine, little kids always up by then and saves hours of 'when are we going' plus they have the whole day to run off the sugar.
I prefer it as we then have the rest of the day to do a family activity

Mrsknackered Thu 18-Jan-18 22:23:10

You're gonna get a big divide but I would certainly go because

A) my children are up before or at 7 everyday whether it's weekday, weekend, rain, shine, whatever.

B) because I'd make the effort if we were invited and it's a nice thing to do for the birthday child and my own children

Working925 Thu 18-Jan-18 22:35:35

I'd find it a pain. Everyone sleeps in on a Sunday in our house and even if we were up which is unlikely we wouldn't be dressed!

RowenasDiadem Thu 18-Jan-18 23:16:14

Not all kids are early risers. My 5yo would be just getting up at that time (even with the 7:30pm bedtime) whereas my 11yo would have been up for hours. I personally would balk at the idea of getting up and dressed early on a Sunday and dragging the kids out for an early party. Sorry, not my cup of tea.

Greylilypad Fri 19-Jan-18 09:48:57

OP I would just do what suits you. I have probably been to 4 of those early parties over last three years and there was always a very good turnout. I'd say it's pretty unusual for under 4s to still be in bed at that time. Go for it. No big deal if the one or two can't make it because they are still in bed, you can't plan your day around that!

Stompythedinosaur Tue 23-Jan-18 19:14:37

Ive been to a few parties at that time and they were well attended. I think it's an ok time for a party.

isittheholidaysyet Tue 23-Jan-18 19:17:50

I've done similar on a Saturday. And a holiday weekday.

Sunday is church for our friendship group, but without that, I would do it.

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