Present ideas for unknown 4 year old boy

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Nicpem1982 Tue 09-Jan-18 17:36:29

Dds cone home with a party invite for a child in her class.

Any ideas what to but 4 year old boy budget 10.00? I've asked dd and have been told he likes bananas grin

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Equimum Sun 14-Jan-18 19:18:55

DS has just turned 5, but over the past year he has really liked: Transformer rescue bits, colouring sets, paint-your-own.....(e.g. money box) sets, books on hinges like dinosaurs, space etc, Hotwheels cars/ track, play doh....

mumzuki Sun 14-Jan-18 19:20:23

Those Orchard Toys games are good for that age group.

Katescurios Sun 14-Jan-18 19:24:16

More seriously, Lego, paw patrol, PJ masks.

Callamia Sun 14-Jan-18 19:26:36

Lego. Or some other cool construction stuff? (Straws, magnetic things)

SparkleFizz Sun 14-Jan-18 19:30:33

I have a 4 yr old DS.

One of his favourite birthday presents was a £10 book voucher, he loved the experience of going to the bookshop with the voucher to pick out his own book to keep.

Other toys that he likes are:
Cars, e.g. Hot Wheels or themed character cars (Disney Cars, Blaze and the Monster Machines)
Play doh
Superhero figures

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