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Hen party ideas cowgirl theme

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Mummytron Mon 01-Jan-18 22:23:43

We're having line dancing and have got decorations but trying to find cowgirl/country and western themed stuff for party bags. Not tacky.
Anyone fine this before?

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CheapSausagesAndSpam Tue 02-Jan-18 02:32:14

God. There's a challenge! grin I think cowgirl IS tacky by dint of being so overused.

The only thing I can think of that's vaguely nice for party bags is traditional bandanas

Like those.

And perhaps some personalised chocolate and a vintage style keyring?

Oh and cactuses...they're Western and there's loads of nice stuff about with cactuses on

Mummytron Tue 02-Jan-18 18:49:07

Thank you for your ideas.
I know it's tacky as a theme but the lady in question is a massive country and western fan so there was no other choice!!

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NapQueen Tue 02-Jan-18 18:50:18

Lots of cactus stuff around atm that would fit in

ChanandlerBongsNeighbour Tue 02-Jan-18 19:24:59

Love the bandana bags idea!

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