Music for 40th birthday party - your ideas for a party playlist please!

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TuttiFrutti Fri 20-Apr-07 13:35:31

OK, so we're going to do the music for my 40th ourselves and load up our ipod with a party playlist. 1980s music is an obvious choice given the age of most of the guests, but can anyone suggest any specific tracks?

We're looking for easy dance music that will get people on the dance floor.

Iklboo Fri 20-Apr-07 13:37:17

No 1 for year of birth,
No 1 for 21st,
Current No 1

aDad Fri 20-Apr-07 13:44:46

from the 80s...

blue monday - new order
friday i'm in love - cure
she sells sanctuary - cult
french kiss - l'il louis

Beauregard Fri 20-Apr-07 13:49:11

Madonna-Material girl
Spandau Ballet-Gold

Adad-The cult,fab choice
God Ian astbury<swoon>

TuttiFrutti Sat 21-Apr-07 20:03:59

Great suggestions so far. I will use all of these.

Iklboo, love the idea of using no 1s for year of birth, etc. But how do I find out? There must be a website somewhere, surely?

ceolas Sat 21-Apr-07 20:06:16


Marina Sat 21-Apr-07 20:13:14

Madness: It Must be Love
Pet Shop Boys: West End Girls
Michael Jackson: Thriller
The Blow Monkeys: Diggin' Your Scene
Heaven 17: Temptation
The Gap Band: Oops Upside Your Head
Earth Wind and Fire: Boogie Wonderland
Diana Ross: Upside Down
The Human League: Don't You Want Me

Marina Sat 21-Apr-07 20:17:49

David Bowie: China Girl
Prince: 1999
Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark: Enola Gay
Philip Lynott/Giorgio Moroder: Yellow Pearl (? - you know, the theme tune to Top of the Pops for years)

princesscc Sat 21-Apr-07 20:24:50

It would be a bit soul for me!
Dina Caroll - Ain't no man
Sybil - The Love I lost
Snap - I've got the power
Black Box - Ride on Time
Fugees - Just be good to me

Furball Sat 21-Apr-07 20:45:53

If you click Here then on the chart number, you get that persons 80's top 10, it might give you a few more ideas.

Chocolateface Sat 21-Apr-07 20:47:57

Soft CEll- tainted love
Sorry I'm far too young to help opn this one!

Chocolateface Sat 21-Apr-07 20:48:35

Sorry Drinking white whine!

northstar Sat 21-Apr-07 20:50:01

Marina my 40th is this year as well and all your suggestions are fantastic, sending goosebumps down my spine. I want to listen to them NOW!

MorocconOil Sat 21-Apr-07 20:58:31

Penthouse and Pavement- Heaven 17
Our Lips Are Sealed- Fun Boy Three
Rip it Up- Orange Juice
Uptown Top Ranking- Althia and Donna
We are Family -Sister Sledge
Genius Of Love-Tom Tom Club
You are a Wonderful Thing- Kid Creole
White Man in Hammersmith-Clash
Teenage Kicks -Undertones
Money's too tight to mention- Simply Red

quadrophenia Sat 21-Apr-07 21:09:23

build me up buttercup the foundations
heatwave martha reeves and the vandelas
jackson five , i want you back
candi staton you've got the love
chumbabwumba tubthumping
Dianan ross and the supremes stop
Four tops sugar pie hunny bunch
the smiths how soon is now
the cure friday I'm in love
n trance set you free
the jam going underground or whatever really
The beatles she loves you or ticket to ride

quadrophenia Sat 21-Apr-07 21:15:29

madness our house, or baggy trousers, again whatever really
madonna, like a virgin
kylie, spinning around
the scissor sisters I don't feel like dancing
some Robbie williams

quadrophenia Sat 21-Apr-07 21:17:44

I would do a rock section aswell with Bon Jovi, oasis, the kaiser chiefs, the fratellis, pulp

and a party theme with all the usual stuff, ymca etc

quadrophenia Sat 21-Apr-07 21:20:24

basically I would cover these genres

pop, kylie, robbie, madonna, scissor siters

motown, supremes, foundations, four tops etc

eighties, madness, the smiths and other stuff, uptown girl and all of that.

old feel good stuff the beatles, the jam, the undertones

party tunes

yogabird Sat 21-Apr-07 21:25:34

furball - just spent ages remeniscing and dreaming of the past on that website - FAB!

Bangles - manic monday
Echo beach - martha and the muffins
the specials - too much too young
Bryan Adams Summer Of 69
Bruce Springsteen Dancing In The Dark
wham - wake me up...
billy joel - uptown girl
Frankie Goes to Hollywood Relax
the waterboys whole of the moon

there are so many, my 40th in September and i think i'll do the same, what a great idea

ViscountessPetitLapin Sat 21-Apr-07 21:27:02

Oh My God.

Read the thread title, thought "ooh, 40, old"...

and then realised I have left than two years to go!

Where did the past 15 years GO?!

DimpledThighs Sat 21-Apr-07 22:02:10

chocolteface beat me to it but tainted love
The Cure - lovecats
Culture club - karma chamelion

berolina Sat 21-Apr-07 22:07:41

walk like an egyptian
sunday girl
our house
for a slow one that sam brown one - stop?

suzycreamcheese Sat 21-Apr-07 22:29:01

aahh the eighties the height of my tape compliation skills...
have great party!

go for:
prince - little red corvette.. 1999... raspberry beret...loads of prince..

heaven 17 - fascist groove thang

buzzcocks - ever fallen in love with someone..

the associates - party fears two

the fall - victoria...hit the north....

stranglers - golden brown...

smiths - hang the dj...

bon jovi bad medicine...

cat64 Sat 21-Apr-07 22:43:00

Message withdrawn

Ally90 Mon 23-Apr-07 13:50:55

Try Napster, they have top 40 hits for the last 40 years, by quarter ie Spring 1970, summer 1970...its fantastic. Or just do search on web for number 1's for the years you were at school...

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