Party game ideas help - I'm in charge of party games for a children's party for a charity

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Reastie Wed 06-Dec-17 15:12:54

Somehow I've volunteered myself to help for a local charity who are organising a party for primary aged children locally. I'm in charge of games <bites fingernails>.

I've just spoken to a lovely lady who is running it. It sounds like it's probably run by a very small number of older ladies with very old Skool games and a laid back attitude. I, however, am a bit of a perfectionist and plan for everything in minute detail. I like to know exactly what's happening when and this isn't that kind of party. I'm feeling a bit daunted.

Essentially she is running a cooking based activity in waves with the children so I'll likely have small numbers of children (from a couple to ten probably) for a time frame that she doesn't know and they will swap at some point but she isn't sure when. They need to be games easy to drop in and out of and for a wide variety of ages to play. Also no prizes (they don't have prizes she tells me they are more for the joy of playing).

Please please help with some ideas! <twitches>

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Reastie Wed 06-Dec-17 15:15:18

I should add the children don't know each other that attend.

I was also wondering about doing a simple craft type activity...

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