Pirate Party at Home (HELP!) Game Ideas Needed

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starfish8 Wed 04-Oct-17 15:14:42

Its my son's 4th birthday in a couple of weeks, and I'm hosting a pirate party at home. I totted up the list yesterday and realised I've got 12 3-4 year olds, plus a few babies too. Help!

I'm trying to come up with a few easy games and ones that can be done in a smallish space. I'm not planning anything outside or fancy them running around the whole house doing a treasure hunt.

So far I've got...
Pirate hats to decorate
Pass the Parcel
Musical Islands
Pirate Tin Can Bowling

Any other ideas for a couple more games I can do easily and in a smallish space?

Otherwise, I've got food and cake, and they'll be heading off with pirate books and a bag of chocolate coins each.

Also, would be good to know if kids at this age often want to play with the toys at other peoples' houses, so may need less games rather than more?


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EyeoftheStorm Wed 04-Oct-17 15:19:18

Fill a cardboard box or plastic bowl with dried pasta and go ‘digging’ for pirate treasure ie chocolate coins

horriblehistorieswench Wed 04-Oct-17 15:19:26

Tweak some traditional games e.g./ pin the eye patch on the pirate instead of tail on the donkey, corners game with a parrot/treasure/cutlass/jolly Rodger corners. Have you got enough room/hiding places that you could hide the party bags for a treasure hunt at the end?

starfish8 Wed 04-Oct-17 16:03:15

I think I'll need to hand out the books specifically, as I need to make sure siblings get different ones!

Routing around for a bag of pirate coins in a treasure chest / box is a good idea!

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Afishcalledchips Wed 04-Oct-17 16:10:38

Treasure hunt, hide notes with around the room in silly places, each one with a clue leading to the next. Final thing to find can be a box of 'pirate treasure' eg choc coins.

By the way, these jelly boats are easier than you'd think, make the jelly with a bit less water so it cuts easier and stays in shape.

RosyPony Wed 04-Oct-17 16:20:50

Pop up pirate! It's only about a tenner and it's a timeless classic!

chocolatepudandchocolatesauce Wed 04-Oct-17 16:37:44

We had blue jelly as the water, a ball of vanilla icecream as an island and a slice of orange as a boat with a cocktail stick flag in smile
We played pin the patch on the pirate
Decorate pirate hats and eye patches
Face painting a pirate beard (both girls and boys loved this!)
Temporary tattoos
Gold coin treasure hunt

starfish8 Wed 04-Oct-17 16:47:42

Aren't you all brilliant! Yes, we own Pop Up Pirate!

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BrrrrrrWentTheAlarmClock Wed 04-Oct-17 16:51:01

I know you said no treasure hunt, but for my DS1s 4th birthday we printed out sets of different coloured jewels (eg 10 red, 10 blue etc), and hid them around our living room (back/under chairs, side of furniture, some up high). As they arrived each child had an envelope with one of the jewel printouts and had to find all of that colour. For your number maybe do in pairs? Good for beginning of party and good for using up a fair chunk of time! Had a spare set of jewel printouts hidden for any quick finishers!! Repeated for 5th birthday but with dinosaurs! Only downside is everyone searching about the dusty corners of your living rooom and prep of printing and hiding!)

Also they decorated small wooden treasure chests with stickers, stick on jewels, glitter pens etc then put in party bag.

I think we did a short search for the treasure chests which we had instructions written in ye olde writing, like walk forward 10 tiny paces, hop 12 times, turn 2 times, shout Ahaaaargh etc. Which we did all together (did feel a bit of a numpty in front of parents who stayed, but kids liked it!). Got us to a box of the supplies to decorate the treasure chests and choc coins which also went in party bags. Could also do the ‘climb the rigging, scrub the decks’ instructions game(?).

As a back up I think I printed treasure maps (outlines of an island) for them to design themselves.

Then classic games pirate-ified and party tea, cake.

Sounds a bit ott but was worried I’d have kids running crazily round our small house if I didn’t plan lots!

Lots of fun! Ds2 wanted nothing of the above and requested a soft play party for his 4th birthday! Easier but less fun to organise!

Mol1628 Wed 04-Oct-17 16:54:50

We went to a pirate party for a 5yo. Best thing was they all decorated a wooden chest each and then afterwards the hosts filled them with sweets and that was the party bags.

Sand pit filled with 'treasure' which was laminated bits of paper, people that got the 'treasure' were given some bubbles. This might be weather dependent though.

Also have a look at pirate boats made from watermelons. Amazing!!

plantsitter Wed 04-Oct-17 17:02:24

At four you can plan to read a pirate story (this is probably the last time you'll get away with it) especially if you are in character.

I hate pass the parcel but you should do it if you have done it successfully before. Better with slightly older kids imo.

If kids do want to play with toys etc that's fine but I would plan more activities than you think you'll need just in case.

Musical statues (a sea monster has turned them into stone eg) is good and you can do prizes for the best posed statue instead of knocking them out.

Also if your room is big enough shout 'starboard' 'port' 'bow' stern' and have them race to the correct side of the room (can't remember which those are however!!).

silkpyjamasallday Wed 04-Oct-17 18:43:13

I used to work as an assistant at a children's drama group and we did pirate themes every year. The little ones aged around 4-5 always enjoyed a game where the adult shouts instructions 'scrub the deck' 'climb the rigging' 'land ahoy' 'load the canons' and the children have to do the action as fast as possible. We also did running from one side of the room to the other and they were designated 'port' and 'starboard' but that might be difficult with 3 year olds. This is a good game as it works off any excess energy!

starfish8 Wed 04-Oct-17 21:27:11

The watermelon ships look fantastic - though I think mine might look like a dodgy effort from Bake Off Extra Slice!

I think we'll struggle to do the very active running around corners of the room unfortunately, I don't think we've got the space with the MASSIVE dining table with sharp corners already in the room!

Will work through above and definitely post what ends up working best. I've managed to rope a designer friend in today who is going to make me a Pin the Pirate Patch game ;-)

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