Does no one giev the bumps on birthdays any mroe

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OrvilleRedenbacher Sun 08-Apr-07 17:55:36

it was surely the peak of mid 70s fun?

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DeviousDaffodil Sun 08-Apr-07 17:57:40

How many do you want?
I got some from some drunken mates at my 30th.
Health and safety doesn't allow it any more.

Kbear Sun 08-Apr-07 17:58:12

Friend of mine had the bumps on his 40th birthday party recently - I think his mates wished he was still ten, not easy throwing a 15 stone grown man up in the air 40 times!

I remember my friends doing it to me once when I was young - someone stood on my long hair then they threw me up in the air and my hair was yanked out by the roots. O U C H

OrvilleRedenbacher Sun 08-Apr-07 17:59:45

dh thinks it was only my family

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RedLorryYellowLorry Sun 08-Apr-07 17:59:54

No you have to carry out a risk assessment prior to bumps commencing by which time the urge has passed and probably the actual birthday.

DeviousDaffodil Sun 08-Apr-07 18:04:13

Just part of a lost era.
My Ds's would love them actualy - must remeber to do them on next birthday!!

DeviousDaffodil Sun 08-Apr-07 18:05:15

We used to try and levitate each other as well?
Anyone else try and lift a freind only using one finger off each hand?


RedLorryYellowLorry Sun 08-Apr-07 18:05:42

I never liked the ones where you were chucked up in the air and then no-one caught you, you just landed on your arse and spent your birthday in traction

OrvilleRedenbacher Wed 11-Apr-07 08:48:48

ow yes
it was a leap of faith

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sgr33n Fri 18-Oct-19 18:54:41

we used to levitate people during break time - using the little finger and reciting some words which I can't remember. What I do remember is that it worked! This was during the 1970s so before most of your time I guess.

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