Ds left out of best friends sleepover

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par05 Sun 24-Sep-17 08:15:54

Hi, my ds who is 13 has been friends with this boy since they were 5, and we have invited him to all of ds bday, but this year my ds thought his friend wasn't doing anything for his bday so gave him a card with money in anyway. It turns out he is having a party and a sleepover and hasn't invited ds, instead he has invited friends that he met through my ds! My ds is devastated as he always thought of this boy a good friend, feel so bad for him, he's also having a bit of a hard time in school at the mo with a few boys teasing him, which he normally just shrugs of but with this on top just adds to it, feels like his friends are abandoning him too. How can I help him, have to admit I was pretty annoyed at him not being invited as it few weeks back I gave this boy a lift to go places and was speaking to his mother about his bday!

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Expemsiveuniform Sun 24-Sep-17 08:18:14

All you can do really is encourage your DS to make other friends. Have other people round, go out to clubs like football/scouts/gaming type things. You can't really force a friendship at that age and it's an age when friendships change anyway as they grow into the adults they're going to be.

Sucks for your DS though xx

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