Help! 7 yr old party, will parents be offended???

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Jaymee Fri 08-Sep-17 01:48:37

Ok... So I need advice on my daughters 7th birthday party?

She wants a party at party man world, which is fine but due to costs I have the choice of inviting 15-17 children. During the weekend (different time slots to choose from) with food included

Or I can hire the whole place for the evening 7pm-9pm on a Saturday and have 20-100 children...... But I would be unable to take my own food.

She wants to invite loads of children as our close family will take up at least 7 places...... but My concerns are that people will be unhappy about the "no food" and that 7-9 could be seen as rather late.

Opinions please???
Thanks x

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MrsOverTheRoad Fri 08-Sep-17 03:34:30

Don't have it 7-9...people will think that's far too late for 7 year olds. Also, a lack of food is rather frowned upon.

The main issue here is that you're trying to please your daughter AND make it affordable...and there are always some concessions which need to be made. Your DD needs to understand the restrictions on invitations are due to her choosing that particular venue.

With my own DC I found they understood when I explained to them "If you have your party in the village hall then you can ask ALL your friends...if you have it at Build a Bear then you can only choose 5"

And so on.

Just tell DD that Party Man World only allows a certain amount so she can't invite "loads" of children...but don't have it at nighttime...with no food. That will not result in happy people.

Hidingtonothing Fri 08-Sep-17 04:10:09

I agree, less people but the venue DD wants is a perfectly reasonable compromise. 7-9pm is too late and no food just confirms that option as a no for me. Hope she has a lovely party 🎉

Rainbowqueeen Fri 08-Sep-17 04:39:47

Mrs over the road has it spot on.

I would decline a party from 7-9pm for a 7 year old unless it was my child's absolute best friend so even if you have it at that time you might find your numbers are very limited anyway

Shadow666 Fri 08-Sep-17 04:40:27

Who are the family? If I were you, I'd organize a family party for the Sunday with something like a BBQ and cake and just tell her that she can have the other party on Saturday but can only choose 16 children.

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