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OliviasWhiteHat Thu 07-Sep-17 11:41:41

Planning swimming party for dd 8th party. Will have the pool to ourselves and 1 lifeguard for 15 children. My dd is a confident swimmer and so I won't be going in the pool. I suppose my question is do you think less confident kids would come and so should I just invite swimmers? Parents are obviously welcome to get in with their child if needs be but I'm not sure I'd want to be in a pool with 15 kids!

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BananaFrenchToast Thu 07-Sep-17 13:44:51

What are the rules at the pool? When we had a swimming party for DD then non-swimmers and under-8's were not allowed in the pool without an adult (1 to 3 ratio). That meant we couldn't do it for her 8th birthday (as lots of friends still 7). We waited until 10 to ensure that most of the people she wanted to be there would be able to. The lifeguard checked their swimming too at the beginning, and attached floats to one girl who was less confident.
I was in the pool to supervise that girl, and also DD's younger sister (a confident swimmer but under 8).

I think I would wait.

shouldwestayorshouldwego Thu 07-Sep-17 13:49:08

I wouldn't assume either that parents would get in with less confident swimmers (they might not swim themselves) or be honest about their abilities. I would wait another year.


We did swimming party at our local leisure centre, think my DD3 was 7. I requested any parents to help in the pool, we had about 4/5 dad's help. Mom's declined! Don't assume kids can swim either, we had a couple of really weak swimmers whose parents hadn't mentioned their ability!

PotatoPrint Thu 07-Sep-17 14:11:51

If invited to a swimming party I think parents would assume you had enough adults to supervise, especially as most drop and run at that age.

So you need to have enough adults to help for the appropiate ratio of non swimmers to adults.

You're responsible really I think so may well need to get in!


Hasn't the pool got rules on ratio etc. There was the awful incident in Norfolk of a 7 year old girl drowning at her best friend's swim party earlier this year. Awful, the circumstances are quite shocking. Adults not accurate in her swimming ability and supervision not great.

2014newme Thu 07-Sep-17 14:32:41

I presume if parents are not needed to go in the pool they will drop and leave rather than spectate by the


Loopytiles Thu 07-Sep-17 14:34:21

7 year old guests may not be allowed in without an adult. Check ratios and make clear in the invitation if you're asking parents to go in the pool - many won't be willing to!

Loopytiles Thu 07-Sep-17 14:35:44

I'd wait til her 9th so that all guests can go in alone. And would invite who DD wishes expecting that any weaker swimmers would decline or bring a parent.

PotatoPrint Thu 07-Sep-17 14:49:32

I wouldn't expect weaker swimmers to bring a parent! They'd just put discs on or let them swim in the shallow bit and assume there's proper supervision!

CheekyFucker Thu 07-Sep-17 14:49:32

We have been to several swim parties ranging from 3 years old and up. Pool rules similar for - under 8's accompanied. Most parents stay and we have always had enough volunteers to go in with them.
Have a pool party but make sure you have parent volunteers for non-swimmers and those under age.

OliviasWhiteHat Thu 07-Sep-17 20:08:00

Checked again with venue. I will wait til next year as others have said. Under 8s need 1:2 ratio so it will be a logistical nightmare. The first person I spoke to said if they were confident swimmers it would be ok but I'd rather wait I think.
Back to party venue searching 👀

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Loopytiles Thu 07-Sep-17 21:34:28

Our local pools wouldn't potatoprint: over 8 and able to swim 25m or supervised by an adult, not the lifeguards.

PotatoPrint Mon 11-Sep-17 22:56:09

Ah yes Loopy I meant by the people organising the party - If have expected them to arrange the correct number of adults to supervise, not the lifeguards!!!

Ok is sorted though.

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