Fancy dress - fat and 50!

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numnummummy Mon 21-Aug-17 17:17:10

Hi am after some inspiration. Have been invited to a 1980s fancy dress party and don't know what to wear! As thread title suggests I'm a larger lady (size 18) and not the sort of personality to think sod it, don a rara skirt and leg warmers and fling myself into the festivities. I'd feel hugely ridiculous, self conscious and unhappy. On the other hand I want to join in the fun but have a complete mental block on what to wear. Help!!

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TheHandmaidsTail Mon 21-Aug-17 17:36:38

I did this recently. Got a pair of leggings, a decent length ra ra skirt, 80s slogan t shirt and a white denim jacket I still owned from the actual 80s oh and converse.

I'm 40 but the same size as you smile

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