Disney princess theme birthday breakfast

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user1494423075 Wed 19-Jul-17 14:02:45

Hi guys! I'm looking to host a Disney beauty and the beast themed birthday breakfast for my little girl (5) I have bought some of the party supplies from the Disney party shop. I'm looking for ideas such as what to have for breakfast.

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RebornSlippy Wed 19-Jul-17 14:04:47

The drinks will have to be poured from a Mrs Potts!

RebornSlippy Wed 19-Jul-17 14:06:03

Weren't Primark doing these recently?

MrsBadger Wed 19-Jul-17 14:14:58

Porridge, (spoon optional), and napkins to wipe it off Beast-ly whiskers

Demi-baguettes and croissants on a tray, like the baker in the opening song.

those apple tarts that look like roses

(remember this is breakfast not a party tea so don't go mad on sweets, cake etc. In fact why is it breakfast? hmm)

user1494423075 Wed 19-Jul-17 14:28:11

It's breakfast because we are going bowling afterwards, means we have the full day :-)) xx

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Kimber2 Thu 20-Jul-17 19:52:41

What I would have for the birthday breakfast are
Rainbow Fruit Skewers
Birthday Cake Pancakes
Rainbow Poptarts
Nutella and Strawberry Stuffed French Toast
Popcorn Cereal
Breakfast Banana Splits with Yogurt

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