Leaver's party for Y6s - game ideas

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Curlybrunette Tue 18-Jul-17 10:48:23

Hey everyone,
We're doing a party at home for our son and his friend's, a Y6 leaver's party and I wondered if anyone had any game ideas (the dafter the better!).

The kids (there'll be about 10 boys and 3 girls) are a bit 'too cool for school' now and I think there'll be a fair bit of football, slip n slide, and Xbox going on but I think they'd enjoy some games tho would never admit it cos "we're like nearly teenagers so we can't admit to enjoying pass the parcel anymore"

I'm praying for sunshine, hopefully we will be outside so doesn't matter if the games were wet or messy etc.

Thanks, any ideas are much appreciated

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Cindbelly Wed 19-Jul-17 07:20:01

Hi I haven't got any suggestions I'm afraid, placemarking for ideas as we are going to do a big Halloween party this year and I'm having the same thoughts.
3 DC with staggered start times, so I've got that sorted and each one get their 'own' party (with a bit of overlap)

The 5year olds will have traditional party games
I am going to set up a spooky table for the 13yr olds and adults will serve them dinner, then disco after.

but the 10yr old boys????

Curlybrunette Wed 19-Jul-17 21:23:54

HI Cindbelly,

It's difficult isn't it? The boys seem so grown up in some respects but I think they'll really enjoy some daft games.

Though perhaps I shall just lie back (hopefully in the sunshine) and guzzle wine in utter shock that my baby can possibly be finishing at primary school wink

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Cindbelly Wed 19-Jul-17 21:31:28

Yes definately, the girls still loved the games even at that age, (I will confess to putting lip glosses etc in the pass the parcel so the prizes were more age related) and I suspect DS and his friends would secretly enjoy them too (the games not the lip gloss!) but none of the boys will want to be the first to admit it - they'll all be playing it cool in front of each other!

thisgirlrides Wed 19-Jul-17 21:49:27

Zombie toilet roll challenge in teams of 4or 5 would work, limbo, other team games like pass the balloon and mine all still love the chocolate game (the one where they have to cut up the mega bar of extra cold chocolate with knife & fork whilst wearing large adult gloves, scarf and hat).

isittheholidaysyet Wed 19-Jul-17 21:58:42

Do pass the parcel the traditional way with simple forfeits between the layers (eg. Sing a nursery rhyme, do 3 press ups, balance a cup of water on your head.) This means that no-one wants the parcel, so they pass it.
Or hot potato. Which works like pass the parcel. You need a small ball or a beanbag to pass. When the music stops the person holding the 'potato' has to do a simple activity, (such as stand up sit down, 2 star jumps, run round the circle, shout out their full name). From then on, everytime they get the potato they have to do that activity, before they pass the potato. So there is more chance the music will stop on them. By the time you decide to finish the game, some people will have 4or 5 forfeits to do everytime they pass the potato.

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