5th birthday present ideas... Son with special needs

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Damonlufc88 Thu 06-Jul-17 20:12:10

My oldest son is 5 and we're awaiting autism testing... He is none verbal and never asks for toys, he definitely wouldn't be able to answer a question of "what would you like" unless he sees one in a shop and has a meltdown if he can't get, we tend to avoid these shops, but he is more than happy with a bottom shelf £land toy. He is a wiz on a tablet or phone but he doesn't talk or even understand its his birthday very soon. We're not throwing a party as such because he's never had 1 single invite throughout reception class. Just family and close friends coming round for a buffet... Me and his mum simply don't know what to get him, like I said he never asks and when we do ask him what he wants, he just stares through us like weve asked him some obscure math equation. We're homing in on a battery powered car for him as he is obsessed and fixated with Mario and lightning mcqueen (Hopefully we will find a quiet screening of cars 3 or an autism screening) but can't seem to find any that 5year olds and above use, most reviews say "my son squeezes into this etc" his balance isn't the best and he has a Nintendo wii that he can race along with for a treat occasionally or to blow off some steam. We really want to see him smile on his birthday (a kinder egg is a banker but joking aside he does deserve a treat. It breaks our hearts to see parents gathering at school talking about parties etc, although our son has no idea or awareness about them) we have had a pretty crappy year with him not settling at school (moving to special school in September)

Anyway this post has turned into another ramble... Any suggestions are much appreciated

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GruffaloPants Thu 21-Sep-17 19:40:45

Would he like anything like a torch or fibre optic/colour changing lights. Or maybe a Cars projection torch that he can operate?

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