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2 year old party

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artisanroast Sun 25-Jun-17 15:34:15


I am thinking of giving my daughter a party for her 2nd birthday.

I had wanted to get a bouncy castle with an attached bouncy slide but are they too little for this?

I had also thought about getting a face painter but again, are they too young for this?

Any help/guidance appreciated



IggyAce Sun 25-Jun-17 15:42:52

Definitely too little for a face painter, a small bouncy castles should be OK. But I would probably just get balloons and a bubble machine they will love that.

SafeToCross Sun 25-Jun-17 16:09:18

What about a few small tents and a small blow up ball pool? My neighbours just did this for their two year old ds.

artisanroast Sun 25-Jun-17 19:01:18

Balloons, bubble machine and ball pool are all sounding good (and cheap) 😂

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